Social Work Student Exchange Program

2019 International Exchange trip with Dean Jenkins

Exchange programs are normally two weeks long. These programs include 2-3 meetings that will assist you in preparing for overseas travel and orienting you to the host country and social programs prior to the trip. You then travel to another country where you will:

  • Receive lectures from faculty at our sister institutions of social work
  • Visit agencies and programs delivering social services
  • Learn about the social policies & social work education in the host country
  • Interact with social work students and faculty from the host institution
  • Visit cultural and historical sites
  • Sample the local food
  • Sightsee and shop

Credit and Enrollment

International Social Work Exchange Program is a 3-credit course as a structured independent study. It is counted as an elective toward graduation requirements.

There are two course requirements: (a) creating a newsletter for Kent School about the trip and (b) developing a video/CD of the trip. Both are group exercises.

You will be required to attend all meetings and activities both prior to and while overseas.

Cost ranges between $1900 and $2200 depending on location and airfare at time of booking. Cost includes major transportation (flight, trains and visits to cultural sites and agencies) lodging and breakfast. Depending on country visited other meals MAY be included. Cost is determined by the country visited, cost of air fare and lodging etc. We work very hard to make this as inexpensive as possible. Student loans may be obtained for this credit course.


The Spring 2019 International  Student Exchange Program - View the student produced newsletter

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The Spring 2016 program in Germany. Click here to view the student produced newsletter from Spring 2016.

Program Contact Information

Dr. Tom LawsonDirector, International Studies Program


Email Dr. Lawson