Curriculum Plan G: 3 Year Full-Time Plan

If you are considering specializing in your final advanced year, please be sure to register for electives that correspond with the specialization you plan to apply to. Please Note: Please contact the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility for summer aid at 502-852-5511.

First Year

W 626 Research Methodology & Design

SW 603 Social Justice Practice

SW 601 Human Behavior & the Social Environment I

SW 602 Social Welfare Institutions, Policies & Services

SW 619 Human Behavior & the Social Environment II

SW 622 Issues in Policy and Service Delivery

Elective 1
Second Year
(could move an elective here if desired)

SW 604 SW Practice I*

SW 670 Foundation SW Practicum I*

Elective 2

SW 605 SW Practice II*

SW 671 Foundation SW Practicum II*

Elective 3
Third Year
SW 641 Social Justice Policy

SW 640 Adv SW Practice II**

SW 668 Adv Research Practice I

SW 672 Adv SW Practicum I**

SW 677 Adv SW Practice III**

SW 669 Adv Research Practice II

SW 673 Adv SW Practicum II**


Graduate in May

*SW 604 & SW 670 (Fall) and SW 605 & SW 671 (Spring) must be taken concurrently.

**SW 640 & SW 672 (Fall) and SW 677 & SW 673 (Spring) must be taken concurrently.