MSSW/Master of Arts in Pan African Studies Dual Degree Program

Please send a copy of your acceptance letter from the Pan African Studies department to If you are enrolled in the MSSW/PAS dual degree program, and you need more information on alternative curriculum plans, please contact the MSSW Program Director, Shawnise Miller . The following is only an example of a full-time 2-year plan.

The advanced practicum (672 and 673) is determined in collaboration with PAS. Kent School will work with PAS to place a student in a social work context in an agency or organization that has an impact on African Americans and the learning contract will designate the work to focus on that group. The advanced research practicum replaces the PAS requirement for a Master’s thesis. The Kent School will require all students in the dual degree program to develop a research project that relates to African Americans. The Kent School will work with the PAS Chair to ensure the scope of intent meets the program’s plan.

First Year


SW 601 Human Behavior & the Social Environment I

SW 602 Social Welfare Institutions, Policies & Services

PAS 615/SW 603 Social Justice Practice

SW 604 SW Practice I*

SW 670 Foundation SW Practicum I*


SW 619 Human Behavior & the Social Environment II

SW 622 Issues in Policy and Service Delivery

SW 626 Research Methodology & Design

SW 605 SW Practice II*

SW 671 Foundation SW Practicum II*


***PAS course

***PAS course

SW 641 Adv SW Practice I

Second Year


SW 640 Adv SW Practice II**

SW 668 Adv Research Practice I

SW 672 Adv SW Practicum I**

PAS 602 Theories & Issues in Pan African Studies

***PAS course


SW 677 Adv SW Practice III**

SW 669 Adv Research Practice II

SW 673 Adv SW Practicum II**

***PAS course

***PAS course

Graduate with MA in PAS and MSSW in May

*SW 604 & SW 670 (Fall) and SW 605 & SW 671 (Spring) must be taken simultaneously.

**SW 640 & SW 672 (Fall) and SW 677 & SW 673 (Spring) must be taken simultaneously.

***Courses from Pan-African Studies must include: 3 core credit hours in Historical Studies, 3 core credit hours in Social Studies, 3 concentration credit hours in Historical Studies, 3 concentration credit hours in Cultural Studies and 3 concentration credit hours in Social Studies. Graduate Pan-African Studies website: