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Lisa Barrett has worked with others in training specific social worker teams in New Hampshire, Washington State and Florida in solution-based casework interviewing and intervention skills in child protective services. Most recently (2012), she developed a one day training for New Hampshire in solution-based casework, Family Team Meetings, and worked with Dr. Bibhuti Sar on a curriculum for Coaching and Mentoring for Washington State.

She has approximately 850 hours of training as an attendee through the Cabinet for Families and Children, Department of Protection and Permanency. She also provided regional training on the Adoption and Safe Families Act, the Multi-ethnic Placement Act, Concurrent Planning law as it related to KRS 620, Council on Accreditation standards, and assessment and case planning.

Lisa’s research and curriculum interests include family and child welfare, effects of abuse and neglect in child and adult victims; law, policy and best practice in child welfare, trauma informed practice with child welfare workers, children and adults, PTSD and secondary trauma in child welfare practice; services to military personnel suffering PTSD and trauma as it relates to their integration back into family life.