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Violence prevention—for child abuse, domestic violence, and other forms of interpersonal violence among a variety of populations—may be provided at the primary level through community-based relationship education programs or at the secondary and tertiary levels through social service system practice models and organizational strategies. These violence prevention programs target a wide range of populations, including high-risk youth, social service clients, military families, college students, and many others.

In the area of primary violence prevention, this research has found that community-based relationship education programs can be an effective strategy to improve knowledge, skills, relationship quality, and safety outcomes for both high-risk adults and youth. This research has found that participants in such programs show a significant improvement in attitudes toward violence, as well as a reduction in physical and emotional abuse at follow-up points.

In the area of secondary/tertiary violence prevention, this research agenda has identified an effective practice model for public child welfare workers as well as organizational strategies to improve overall quality of service delivery. This research has found that the Solution-Based Casework model for child welfare practice produces positive outcomes for families involved with the public child welfare system, including better worker-client relationships, higher levels of client compliance, reduced risk of removal from the home, improved child well-being outcomes, and a significantly lower risk of child abuse/neglect recidivism. These outcomes have been documented through chart-file review research, interviews, surveys, and federal outcome data. Furthermore, our research in the child welfare arena has identified effective training and organizational improvement strategies, such as the role of learning readiness, organizational/supervisor support, and training reinforcement in training transfer.