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Dr. Anna Faul is a tenured professor at the Kent School of Social Work, University of Louisville, where she began working as an Assistant Professor in 2000.  Before 2000 she was a social work professor in South Africa and a clinical practitioner in private practice.

Dr. Faul is a Hartford Faculty Scholar and has attracted over the years millions in federal, state and foundation research dollars from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Cancer Institute, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Kentucky Department of Aging and Independent Living, Passport Health Care, the New York Academic of Medicine and the Kentucky Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation.

Dr. Faul has published numerous articles and book chapters on various research topics over the years, ranging from child welfare, measurement issues in social work, women and diversity issues, gerontology and health disparities. She has also presented at many state, national and international conferences on papers related to her work.

During Dr. Faul's time at the University she has received various awards, namely Outstanding Faculty Award, Provost Award for Faculty Advising, and the Distinguished Educator Achievement Award from the Kentucky Association for Gerontology.

She has been an administrator at the University since 2003, and successfully led her school through curriculum re-design and reaffirmation at the Council for Social Work Education. To recognize her leadership in the field of social work, she has been asked to co-chair the CSWE Educational Outcomes Assessment Track. She also serves on the CSWE Council on the Role and Status of Women in Social Work Education. Dr. Faul actively provides service to the University through her work on the Delphi Center Advisory Board, the Graduate Deans Advisory Council, the Provost Budget Task Force, the Academic Program Review Committee, the Persistence to Graduation Committee and other ad hoc services.

Dr. Faul's research agenda focuses on five critical needs in the field of aging and chronic disease management:

  • The high prevalence and disproportionate impact of diabetes and cancer on marginalized people in our society;
  • The lack of health self-management and prevention programs that address cultural influences and the influences of the complex systems in which people function on people’s health;
  • The need for sophisticated multilevel explanatory, methodologies in social work and health research to analyze pathways to effective health behavior;
  • The need for social work researchers and practitioners to help fill the workforce gap for our aging society; and
  • The need for reforming long-term care.