Research at the Kent School of Social Work

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If you would like to print a copy of the current research directory, click this link: 2014-2015 Kent Research Directory (pdf)

Message from:  Dr. Riaan van Zyl, Associate Dean of Research -- What to Expect

Our faculty generate new knowledge and understanding to combat social ills and improve quality of life.  In the 2012 research directory we tell you about the social problems in which we are engaged, how we respond to these challenges, the solutions we generate, and the projects we conduct.  In The Kent School we find opportunity to make a difference. This is our story.

The knowledge we generate is applied in many areas, from equipping young children with skills,assisting abused or neglected children, helping juveniles with sexual behavioral problems,illuminating the contributions that men and women make to their families, to palliative and end-of-life care.

We focus our research efforts on a variety of populations - those in long term care, those who are victimized, women who are sole supporters of their families, fathers who want to connect with their children, adolescents in environments with limited protective factors, people with drug abuse issues, those with mental health problems, underserved emerging adults and people with chronic disease.

Our research helps professional social workers and teams to be more efficient, provides organizations with strategic mechanisms to reach their mission, and reforms systems to be more responsive to the needs of people.  We are dedicated to the development of knowledge to help deprived people, communities, and institutions to find new ways of interacting that result in richness of living and opportunity.

We appreciate the support we receive from our funders, community agencies in Louisville, Southern Indiana and Kentucky, all the local, national and international research subjects, the communities in which we are engaged, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, colleagues at other schools of social work, the Society for Social Work and Research, and the University of Louisville.


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Riaan van Zyl, PhD

Associate Dean for Research