Military Social Work Specialization

Serving those who have served you

The total veteran population is over 33 million which swells to almost 100 million by including their families. Over 1/2 million of these veterans have been diagnosed with PTSD and received services. The rate of homelessness is two times higher for veterans than for non-veterans. There is (1) a 37% prevalence of mental health disorders among military spouses (2) 33% of children of veterans between the ages of 5-12 develop psychosocial problems (3) a 35% gap in full-time employment between military wives and their civilian counterparts and (5) an unemployment rate of 26% among male and female military spouses and partners.

MSSW with specialization in Military Social Work (MSSW-MilSW)

The Master of Science in Social Work –Military Social Work Specialization program is designed to prepare students to provide services to persons who have served or are serving in the military and their families. The specialization focuses on theoretical perspectives, and policy implications concerning problems facing service members and their families as well as programs and application of interventions to ameliorate them. It is recognized that those seeking assistance from problems associated with military service may be seen in a myriad of programs both inside and outside the frame of the more traditionally recognized military service delivery systems. Thus students can complete an advanced practicum rotation from one of the many settings which provide the opportunity to work with military members their families or retirees. During their practicum students will be able to hone their skills and collaborate with other professions in the provision of services for this population by integrating knowledge learned with practice.

Admissions Process

Applicants must:

  • Submit a three page professional development paper discussing their interests, past experience with the military, need for professional development, potential contribution and plans after graduation.
  • Submit updated resume.
  • Be in good standing with Kent School MSSW Program and entering the advanced year of the program.
  • Admission is competitive and limited
  • 60-hr current students:  Complete the Application for Specializations during the January before your Advanced year
  • 30-hr students:  Submit specialization essay to Graduate Admissions Service Account when applying to the program.
Students must apply to specializations by January 30th during the January before their Advanced (final) year of study.

Program Requirements

Required Courses:

  • SW 627 Military Social Work
  • SW 615 Mental Health
  • SW 659 Intro to Family Therapy Practice
  • SW 628 & 629 Military Social Work Integrative Seminar I and II (1 hour each)
  • SW 672 & 673 Advanced Field Practicum in an approved Military Social Work Placement

For more Information contact:

Thomas R. Lawson, Ph.D., Hon.Dr., Hon. D.Sc.



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