Master of Divinity/Master of Science in Social Work

The joint MDiv/MSSW program recognizes the value of professional education in two interrelated fields and encourages students who have an interest in both ministry and social work to pursue these degrees simultaneously.  The Seminary accepts the MSSW works of its students as the equivalent of 30 credit hours or one year of seminary study.  This work is registered in Area C.  Double competency students must complete 60 hours of work at the Seminary, normally in four semesters of 12 hours each, two January terms of 3 credit hours, and two summer terms of 3 credits each.  Within these 60 hours, students will complete at least a 21-hour distribution in Area A, 20 hours in Area B, and 11 hours in Area C, including IPT and Basic Preaching.  Students must also complete two units of field education, and at least one of these must be in a congregational setting.

  • A student may enter the dual degree program from social work or theology.
  • Applications must be submitted independently to each academic institution.
  • The Seminary encourages students to begin and complete the core requirements of one degree program before beginning the other. The Kent School of Social Work notes that several social work courses require sequenced enrollment and some require co-requisite courses that are also taken in sequence.
  • The third and fourth year may combine elements of both programs to allow the student to graduate with both degrees in the shortened time of four years. The Kent School of Social Work will allow nine credits from the Seminary to transfer as elective credit and the required field placement may entail practice in a faith-based setting.
  • For the Kent School of Social Work, the student may be awarded the MSSW degree once all 60 credits of course work are complete. For Louisville Seminary, the student may be awarded the MDiv degree upon completion of work in both degree programs.
  • A final integrative examination will be held during the final semester of the student’s enrollment in the dual degree program, and will be conducted by faculty of the Kent School of Social Work and Louisville Seminary.

Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Proposed Curriculum Plan:  M.Div/MSSW Dual Degree Program

First Year

All Year  
Field Education
3Hebrew Exegesis
5Scripture I
4Chats I
Spring3Greek Exegesis
4Scripture II
5Chats II

Second Year

Summer3Elective Course
All YearField Education
3Basic Preaching
3Area B (Theme or Theologian)
January3Area B (Theme or Theologian)
Spring3Area C (Advanced elective)
3Denominational Heritage
3Elective - Area B
3Elective - Area A

Third Year and Fourth Year

See curriculum plan for the MSSW program.

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Coordinator of Admissions

Raymond A. Kent School of Social Work

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