MSSW Application Checklist

Send ALL application materials to Graduate Admissions (preferred) or by mail to

Graduate Admissions

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY 40292

An application is not complete until Graduate Admissions receives:


Completed online application at:

___ $60 non-refundable application fee. See for more information

___ submit names and email addresses of at least 3 recommenders


Official transcripts from any and all colleges and universities ever attended

Transcripts must be OFFICIAL, and faxed transcripts cannot be accepted. Undergraduate degree must be from a regionally accredited college/university. You can check your school’s accreditation here: Have transcripts sent directly to Graduate Admissions.

UofL transcripts are provided automatically.


3 Letters of Recommendation

Identify recommenders in Graduate application. Recommendation forms will be sent automatically

after the application fee is paid or waived. Printable forms are available under section “G” at

Observe the following requirements for acceptable recommenders:

  • One recommender must be from a former professor (this requirement is waived for those who have not been enrolled in classes within the past 5 years- please instead substitute a  professional reference)
  • Recommendations must be submitted from persons who have been directly responsible for supervising your human service related work/volunteer experience or academic performance
  • Personal recommendations will not be accepted. These include co-workers, mentors, advisers, friends, clergy, personal therapists, etc.
  • The School reserves the right to request additional supportive material from persons acquainted with the applicant’s academic and/or practice capabilities.

Personal Statement

Submit a carefully written 700-1,000 word personal statement (double-spaced, typewritten pages-12 pt.) that addresses the following four topics:

  1. Describe a social problem or program strategy that is of greatest interest to you.
  2. Describe your commitment to engage in social work roles that involve social welfare institutions and systems most likely to have an effect on major social problems.
  3. Describe in detail how you would ensure that your work is relevant to the most economically and socially disadvantaged groups in our society.
  4. Describe the intellectual and personal qualifications that will enable you to practice social work successfully.




Include all current/past employment, volunteer, and internship experience.


Completed Agreements packet

___ Academic Dishonesty Statement (pdf)

___ Release and Waiver

___ Ethical Standards of Behavior Agreement

___ Personal Commitment and Synchronous Class Agreement

___ Technology Agreement

___ Practicum Agreement

All forms must be completed and signed (electronic signature is acceptable). Packet Link



Additional requirements for applicants with incoming GPA under 3.0

___ Addendum to Personal Statement discussing gaps or deficiencies in your academic record, or if you

have ever had an academic review, please explain. Include planned strategies for maintaining the

required 3.0 in graduate School.

___ GRE or MAT score for applicants with incoming GPA under 2.75

Dates for and information about tests can be found at scores are not required for applicants with incoming GPA over 2.75.

____ Information for applicants with incoming GPA of or under 2.5

The School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies’ standards require a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, therefore students applying to the Kent School with a GPA of 2.5 or less will rarely be considered. Contact Sarah Caragianis to discuss GPA questions/concerns.

Advanced Standing Admissions (BSW applicants only)

___ BSW/BSSW from the last 7 years from a CSWE accredited social work program

___ One of 3 letters of recommendation MUST be from the director of field education, practicum supervisor, or practicum seminar instructor

___ Copies of final practicum evaluation(s)

___ Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0

___ Social Work GPA of at least 3.25

___ No “C” grades in social work foundation courses (or willing to re-take courses as a condition of admission)

___ IF applying for a specialization, include specialization essay at time of application

The School reserves the right to request additional supportive material from persons acquainted with the applicant’s academic and/or practice capabilities.


Dual Degree Applications

If you wish to apply for a dual degree you must also complete the other unit’s application process. For more information, please refer to Dual degrees are not available to MSSW Online students or Advanced Standing students.


Practicum Accommodations for Applicants Living Abroad

Applicants who live outside of the U.S will need to consult with Kent’s Director of Field Education, Martha Fuller in advance of applying to the MSSW program to ensure the feasibility of meeting practicum placement requirements in accordance with CSWE policies.


Reasonable Accommodations for Applicants with Disabilities

For other accommodations that may be needed to successfully complete practicum, the applicant should consult with Ramie Martin-Galijatovic, Field Education Program Manager, in advance of applying to the MSSW program. The focus of the consultation is to assess the likelihood of obtaining and successfully completing a practicum given the applicant’s unique accommodations. Successful completion of 900 hours in practicum is a required component of obtaining an MSSW degree. Requests will be considered on a case by case basis and may require referral to and consultation/collaboration with the UL’s Disability Resource Center.


Important Information for International Applicants:

  • International Applicants are required to have their transcripts evaluated by a credential evaluation service such as World Education Services, Inc., at or Educational Credential Evaluators at
  • Applicants may be required to participate in a brief telephone interview as part of the admission process.
  • When completing their I-20, students should note that they will be placed in a practicum as part of their education.
  • Admitted students should contact UL’s International Center to determine if any other immigration documentation is necessary to begin the practicum.
  • If English is not an applicant’s primary language:
    • Must show English language proficiency by demonstration of a specified level of proficiency on the TOEFL examination or by successfully completing the exit examination for the advanced level of the Intensive English as a Second Language Program at the University of Louisville or by demonstration of a degree award from an acceptable English language institution
    • Score of 550 on paper based TOEFL, or a score of 213 on computer-based TOEFL required
    • TOEFL scores must be submitted before an admissions decision can be made
    • For more information visit A minimum score of 6.5 is required if taking the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). More information at and

Admission materials can be sent all at once to Graduate Admissions or one at a time as they are completed. Applications will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee only when complete, after which there is typically a 6-8 week turnaround time for an admissions decision. Please Note: the Admissions Committee reserves the right to interview any applicant at their discretion. All materials must be received by Graduate Admissions by the deadline for your preferred Curriculum Plan.

MSSW Program Deadlines

January 30th Special Circumstances Deadline

  • ALL applicants who want a practicum in Fall 2015 that is not already on the Kent School’s practicum agency roster. This is especially common for applicants outside Kentucky.
  • 30-Hour Advanced Standing with Specializations
  • 74-Hour MSSW-MFT applicants

February 28th Earlybird Deadline

  • 30-hour Advanced Standing with intended Summer start

May 30th Traditional Deadline

Exceptions to Deadlines

  • Applications after January 30th for 30-hour Advanced Standing Specializations and 74-hour MSSW-MFT will be considered only if space in a specialization allows AND if an appropriate practicum site is readily available.
  • Applications submitted after May 30thwill be considered on a case by case basis if space allows and only if the applicant is willing to choose a curriculum plan that delays practicum until the following year (Plans C-F for 60-hr, and plans EE/FF for 30-hr; 30-hr students must also be working at a social service agency in order to execute the year-long research project).

**A note to MSSW Online Applicants: Due to the limited space available and the competitiveness of the 100% online programs, it is advisable to complete applications in a timely manner before the May 30th deadline. Online programs may fill prior to the May 30th deadline.