KSSA Emergency Fund Guidelines

University of Louisville

Kent School of Social Work

Kent Student Emergency Fund Guidelines


To assist Kent School students with financial crises.

Purpose & Vision:

Students in the Kent School of Social Work sometimes experience an unforeseen financial crisis. A student may need funds to repair an automobile, to pay medical expenses, to pay a utility bill or any number of other immediate costs that could force a withdrawal or cause a hardship to continue in school. The Kent Student Emergency Fund (KSEF) consists of monies donated by students, faculty and alumni to be utilized for that purpose. Whenever possible, students who receive this financial assistance will repay these funds in order that funds are continuously available to assist students in need.


Kent School students in good standing, who are in a curriculum plan working towards a degree or a certificate. Preference will be given to degree-seeking students.

General Description:

The need for the award must be a financial crisis.  An amount up to $350 can be awarded. The award will be determined on a case by case basis by the KSEF committee.


Funds will be disbursed to the recipient’s HighOne Account.  The recipient MUST have a zero balance with the University in order to receive the award disbursement.


An application for the Emergency Fund must be made on line or by completing the form provided (via email, fax, or postal mail). An actual bill, estimate or written statement documenting the need must also be provided. This documentation may not be from the student applicant or a member of the applicant’s family. Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received.

Decision Making / Approval Process:

Any member of the KSEF Committee may accept an application, and one or more members of the Committee will conduct a fact finding interview (in person or via telephone) with the applicant and provide information to the other members of the Committee either in person, via telephone or by electronic means. All final decisions by the Committee shall be unanimous, with no individual votes recorded or reported. All decisions will be made within 5 working days of the fact-finding interview and no later than 14 working days of receipt of the application and documentation of the need. The student applicant will be notified in writing, or electronic means acceptable.

After a decision is reached, the committee shall notify in writing (electronic means acceptable) the Kent School staff person handling KSEF processing of the decision.  At that time, the Kent staff person will process the award to be disbursed to the recipient’s HigherOne account.  Seven days must be allowed from the time the Kent staff person begins processing to the actual receipt of the funds by the recipient.

Committee Make Up:

The committee shall be made up of at least one representative from the Kent School Student Association (KSSA), and at least one member of the Kent School Alumni Council (KSAC).  The third committee member can be a student, faculty, alumni or another designee.

Reports & Audits:

The Kent School faculty person receiving and processing the Emergency Fund requests (Kay McCulloch – 2008) will issue a report by the first day of each month stating the number and amount of each request, the amount of money actually awarded, and the current balance of KSEF from the previous month.


Beneficiaries from KSEF are in no way mandated to repay the funds that are awarded to them.  However, recipients are strongly encourage to donate back to KSEF all or part of the sum they were awarded from the fund, particularly at the time of disbursement and during fundraising drives.


Applicants who feel that decisions by the Committee are in error or demonstrate a lack of a fair hearing may appeal a decision, in writing, to the Committee for a second hearing.

Changes to and Approval of Policies:

KSSA, KSAC or the Faculty of Kent School may propose changes to these Policies. Any and all changes must be approved by two of the three committee members.

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