KSSA Emergency Fund Application

Kent School of Social Work

Emergency Fund Application

The Kent School Emergency Fund is one time award to students who find themselves in a financial crisis.  This award is considered on a case by case basis by a three-person committee. Applying for funds does not guarantee an award will be granted to the applicant. The maximum award is $350. The funds will be disbursed to the applicants Higher One account.  This means the applicant must have a zero balance with the University to receive the funds.   Upon submission of a completed application and documentation an award can be made in approximately 7 days.

Please complete the following:



Name of applicant:  _______________________________________________________________        Student ID:  _______________________


Applicant’s address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________



City/State:  ______________________________________________________________________    Expected graduation date:  ____________



Phone Number:  ___________________________   Email:  ________________________________________



Amount requested ($350 maximum):



Brief description of emergency need:



__ Documentation enclosed or attached.


I hereby acknowledge the information I have provided to be true.



Applicant signature / date




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