The Kent School of Social Work seeks to prepare well-qualified social workers who practice from a strong professional value base to serve the metropolitan mission of the university.  Our graduates promote social justice through their practices with diverse client systems.  In the context of a research institution, Kent School is committed to knowledge development that informs social work practice, recognizing the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to solve complex social problems.

    Kent School Curriculum:

    Cognitive Flexibility Theory as developed by Spiro (1990) guides the underlying curriculum philosophy.  The main premise of the curriculum is to provide students strategies to learn challenging materials, to encourage flexibility in the use of knowledge, and to change the underlying ways of thinking.  At the end of their studies students will achieve a deeper, more complex understanding of social work, they will be able to critically evaluate and contemplate the material while experimenting with the flexible application of the knowledge in a variety of contexts.  This higher order of thinking that will be developed and promoted with the curriculum is referred to as critical thinking. 

    The curriculum is designed to enhance students’ ability to enable the diverse client systems they work with to make decisions that contribute to the quality and health of these clients systems.  The focus will also be on decisions that promote social justice.  The curriculum is designed to deliver graduate social workers who think critically about what they do, why they do it, and what outcomes they hope will results from the social work practice they do.


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