BSW Practicum

Practicum Education

The Social Work Practicum is the culmination of social work education.  During the practicum experience the broad understandings, the specialized skills, the analytical judgments and the life experiences transform students into competent social work practitioners. The purpose of practicum education is to provide students with on-going opportunities to learn and apply theoretical knowledge and practice through the use of social work methods and skills, aid integration of learning in class and in practice, develop appropriate professional uses of self, and further identification with the social work profession

Student Section

How to Obtain a Practicum

The procedure for obtaining a practicum placement is one of matching the needs and learning goals of students with learning opportunities provided by collaborating practicum agencies.  Placement in areas of students’ practice interests and geographical location will be accommodated if possible.  Students complete a Practicum Information Session and are guided through the application process at the beginning of the spring semester in the junior year.

Supervisor Section

Evaluation Forms

Action Plan and Evaluation Forms

Field Education Awards


2015 Outstanding Practicum Student Award Recipient Megan Ray

2015 Capstone Poster Award Recipient Clive Chenowth