MSSW Prerequisite Courses

Master’s Prerequisite Courses

The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) requires students admitted to Masters’ level social work programs to demonstrate mastery of undergraduate level coursework in Human Biology, Research Methods, and Statistics.  (Students admitted to the 30-hour Advanced Standing program have fulfilled these prerequisites).  A student who needs to complete any of these 3 “may” be granted “conditional” admission and must successfully complete prerequisites before the end of the first semester, at which time the “conditional” status will be removed.  Students needing prerequisites will be prevented from registering for second semester classes until proof of completion of all prerequisites has been submitted to Kent School.

The Master’s prerequisite courses offered through Kent School of Social Work, Department of Continuing Education, are specifically designed to meet your prerequisite needs; thus each course is not the same as a typical University of Louisville course. It is pass/fail and as long as you receive a 70% on the final test you will receive a passing grade. It is up to you to decide how much review and study are necessary prior to taking the test. A practice test will help to gauge your current level of knowledge. The cost of a prerequisite course is $130.00. It is completely online and so you never meet in person with an instructor. You can take any amount of time to complete the course.

Course Offerings:

Human biology
Questions on the test are based on the material covered in Ginsberg, Nackerud, and Larrison’s text, Human Biology for Social Workers: Development, Ecology, Genetics, and Health. The book is published by Pearson Education, INC. (ISBN 0-205-34405-4)

Research Methods
Questions on the text are based on the material covered in Earl Babbie’s text, The Basics of Social Research, 3rd edition; however, any one of the latest 3 editions can be purchased. The book is published by Thompson/Wadsworth. (3rd edition: ISBN 0-534- 63036-7; 4th edition: ISBN 0-495-09468-5; 5th edition: ISBN 0-495-81224-1)


Questions on the test are based on material covered in chapters 1-16 of Neil Salkind's text, Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics, 2nd edition. The book is published by SAGE Publications. (ISBN 0-761-92776-X)

Course Registration & Information

All registration and questions can be answered by Shawnise Miller , the Continuing Education Program Coordinator at the Kent School. To register, visit the Continuing Education registration website at:

Classroom Prerequisites at U of L:

The following provides a list of classroom courses at the University of Louisville that would satisfy the research, statistics and human biology prerequisites. Kent School does not necessarily recommend these courses, but merely advises that they fulfill the requirements.
prereqs table picture

Courses taken at other colleges and universities:
You can request consideration of a completed course other than one listed above by emailing a copy of the course description AND course syllabus to Dr. Pamela Yankeelov, Associate Dean of Student Services at Kent School when applying for admission at:


You will be notified of the decision.

If you are granted Conditional Admission to Kent School (see above) and you would like to take a course at another institution to satisfy a prerequisite, please send a copy of the course description and syllabus to Dr. Pamela Yankeelov, Associate Dean of Student Services at Kent School, EMAIL PAM, before you take the course so a decision can be made about the appropriateness of the course. 

Additionally: We encourage you to take prerequisites on a pass/fail basis for the purpose of satisfying Kent School requirements.  However, the department has the right to deny a student’s request for pass/fail status. You should make this request when registering for the prerequisite. 

When you have completed your prerequisites, send an official transcript showing completion of the prerequisites to Sharon Crook, Admissions Office, Room 11, Kent School of Social Work, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292. If a transcript is not available, as in some online courses, send the certificate of completion to Sharon Crook at the above address.