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Sally Atcheson
Unit Business Manager Intermediate
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room 206
Phone: 502.852.2431

Responsibilities: Grants Management

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Danette Baker
Administrative Assistant
Office: Burhans Hall, Room 134B

Responsibilities: Office Management

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Jessica Ballinger

Program Manager, Continuing Education

Office: Brigman Hall, Room 109A

Phone: 502.852.4769



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Jennifer Bobo, LCSW
Project Manager
Office: Patterson Hall, Room 100
Phone: 502.852.8735

Education: MSSW, University of Louisville

Responsibilities: Jennifer is the Project Director for Dr. Sar's SAMHSA grant.

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Joyce Borders
Research Coordinator
Office: Brigman Hall, Room 104
Phone: 502.852.2311

Education: BA, University of Louisville

Responsibilities: Joyce is a Research Coordinator, currently funded under the Child Welfare Training Assessment CWTA and Creating Healthy Adolescents through Meaningful Prevention Services CHAMPS! projects. Joyce is responsible for facilitating and maintaining an on-line evaluation system for the Kent School’s interface with the University Training Consortium; Cabinet for Health & Family Services.

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Amelia Brooks
Program Assistant Sr.
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room 301
Phone: 502.852.2345

Responsibilities: Program Management for Grants

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Sarah Caragianis, MSSW
Coordinator, MSSW Student Services
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room LL04-1

Responsibilities: Sarah is responsible for recruiting and admissions for the MSSW program, providing support to prospective students during the admissions process, as well as MSSW Orientation coordination.

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Dennie Carter
Technology Specialist
Office: Burhans Hall, Room 127

Responsibilities: Works for the Child Welfare Training project on Shelby Campus. He is responsible for all pcs for staff and programs, which includes updating, upgrading, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Responsible for coordinating all aspects of conferences and training. Orders all equipment and supplies, makes recommendations on all technology purchases, monitors expenditures and processes bills.

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Theresa Christopher, MPA
Assistant to the Dean
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room 108
Phone: 502.852.0423

Responsibilities: Coordinate projects and assignments of the Office of the Dean; prepare reports and responses from the Dean’s Office. Provide liaison function with Deans, Directors, Provost’s Office, and other administrative offices. Coordinate the recruitment of staff and faculty positions.

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April Clark
Administrative Assistant
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room LL-02
Phone: 502.852.2407


Perform financial reconciliation and management of all sources of funding under the direction of the UMB Intermediate and Assistant Dean of Finance.

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Phillip Clopton

Coordinator of MSSW Academic Affairs

Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room LL09

Phone: 502.852.7162

Education: BA, Psychology; M.Ed. Student Affairs Practice

Responsibilities: Advise Kent School students on curriculum selection, program selection, degree requirements and registration. Act as a liaison between faculty/staff and students. Identify and assist students in academic jeopardy.

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Sharon D. Crook
Administrative Assistant
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room 11
Phone: 502. 852.6517

Education: BS, University of Louisville

Responsibilities: Oversee as well as maintain application process for admission. Primary person for information regarding admission and tracking application process. Responsible for generating reports.

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Shelia Cundiff, LCSW, CADC

Coordinator, Field Education

Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room LL-08

Phone: 502.852.0425

Education: MSW, Spalding University


Responsible for arranging practicum placements for on-campus and online students. Shelia has been an adjunct faculty member since 2013 teaching Alcohol and Drug Counselor Seminar and Practicum Faculty Liaison for on-campus and on-line students.

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Millie Cunningham
MSSW Academic Affairs Program Manager
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room 215
Phone: 502. 852.7336


Responsibilities: Management and oversight of Academic Affairs and Advising for the MSSW program making sure that the needs of our current MSSW students are being well served.

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Joe D'Ambrosio, PhD
Program Manager
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room 209
Phone: 502.852.7374

Education: PhD, University of Louisville

Responsibilities: The primary function of this position will be to have the responsibility for the overall management and day to day operational aspects of the Agency/ University partnership including coordination, planning and negotiating with the agency program manager, county community organizers, community leaders and health partners.

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Debra Evans
Technology Consultant IV
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room 102
Phone: 502.852.6566

Education: BS, University of Louisville

Responsibilities: Debra is the lead Tier 1 at the Kent School. If you need help with anything that involves technology, she is the person to contact. She is responsible for maintaining the computer lab in Patterson Hall, for making sure that faculty and staff workstations are kept updated, troubleshooting technology problems, recommendations for equipment purchases and technology needs, creating and maintaining websites for the Kent School and faculty, and assisting students with password and email problems. Debra is the Chair of the Kent Technology Committee, and leads the E-Newsletter Committee.

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Nicole George
Program Manager, SafePlace
Office: Frankfort, KY
Phone: 502.564.6852 Ext. 3594



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James Guinn
Project Manager
Office: Patterson Hall, Room 113
Phone: 502.852.7968

Education: M.A. in Educational and Counseling Psychology and M.A. in Sociology from the University of Missouri-Columbia

Responsibilities: Provides research, evaluation and logistical support to the cross-age peer mentoring program (TEAM) grant project, manages the overall day to day project activities and serves as primary liaison between all service providers and the local community for the newly established Survivors of Torture Recovery Center grant project, provides research and evaluation support for both the PASS Program (for promoting educational stability in foster care youth) grant project and for the Center for Promoting Recovery and Resilience of Traumatized Children and Youth grant project; Assists with grant writing and research planning.

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April Hebner
Coordinator for Deans Office
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room 107
Phone: 502.852.6405


Assist with special projects for Dean, Associate Deans, Assistant to the Dean and Unit Business Manager. Payroll for Staff and Federal Work Study Students. Oversee and Reconcile Monthly Financials, Travel Arrangements, Procards, Purchasing for Oppenheimer Hall, Assist with International Travel.

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Katy Henry
Research Manager
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room 08
Phone: 502.376.5289

Education: M.Ed in Counseling Psychology.

Responsibilities: Katy is a research manager on the CWTA grant with Dr. Anita Barbee. Katy collects, analyzes, and reports data for a follow up survey. She is in constant contact with social workers throughout the state assessing the training they have received and attends regular meetings in Richmond, KY to discuss the results of the survey.

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Dorothy Hickerson
Clinical Consultant, Project SAFESPACE
Office: DCBS, Frankfort KY
Phone: (502) 564-6852, ext. 3600

Education: MSW from Spalding University

Responsibilities: Provide consultation to DCBS staff and Behavioral Health staff as it relates to Project SAFESPACE and identifying behavioral health needs in children placed in Out of Home Care


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Karol Inmon
Program Coordinator Sr.
Office: Burhans Hall, Room136B
Phone: 502.852.0888

Responsibilities:Office Management

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Diana Jester
Research Manager
Office: Patterson Hall, Room 308

Education: B.A., Rhodes College

Responsibilities: Research Manager on the Emergency Preparedness and Aging contract with the UK and KY Dept. for Public Health to support KY Long Term Care facilities and the Hospital Preparedness Coalitions across the western part of Kentucky in their emergency preparedness and planning activities. She also works on the Ohio Valley Appalachian Region Geriatric Education Center grant for the Standardized Patient program.

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Norma Kyriss
Administrative Associate
Office: Patterson Hall, Room 110
Phone: 502.852.3931

Responsibilities: Norma has served as the operations manager for the Kent School of Social Work Doctoral Program since its inception in 1997. She is the primary contact for PHD program: including application processes, records and degree matriculation. She is also responsible for generating reports and budget implementation. She serves as the liaison for the doctoral program with Admissions, Graduate Studies and Finance/Budget Offices. She is also the liaison for the doctoral programs at the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky’s for national promoting and recruiting.

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Misty Kupka, MSW
MSSW Student Services Program Manager
Office: Oppenheimer Hall Room 212
Phone: 502.852.0414

Responsibilities: Manage and oversight of the development and implementation of recruitment strategies and the advisement of MSSW prospective students on Kent School’s policies and procedures related to admissions.


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Cheri Langley, PhD, MPH, CHES
Program Manager
Office: Burhans Hall
Phone: 502.852.8697

Education: MPH – Epidemiology and International Health, PhD - Health Behavior

Responsibilities: Cheri is the Program Manager for the teen pregnancy prevention research study with Dr. Barbee as the PI.

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Katherine Linzy

Katherine Linzy
Technology Specialist
Office: Brigman Hall , Room 109A
Phone: 502.852.2740

Education: BS, University of Evansville

Responsibilities: Provides technology support to the MSSW Online Program

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Ramie Martin-Galijatovic, CSW
Program Manager, Field Education
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room 13
Phone: 502.852.6404

Education: MSSW, University of Louisville

Responsibilities: Responsible for arranging practicum placements for on-campus and online students. Ramie has been an adjunct faculty member since 2008 teaching Advance Research Practice (SW 668 and SW 669) to MSSW students.

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Robin Moody
Project Coordinator
Office: Patterson Hall, Room 301
Phone: 502.852.0421

Responsibilities: Robin is the Project Manager for the Women's Health Research Study. Under the guidance of Dr. Seana Golder, we are interviewing over 400 women on probation/parole in Jefferson County over a two year period to look at the interconnected web of substance use, victimization, and involvement in the criminal justice system. Robin supervises our data collection team, maintains our database, sends seasonal mailings to our respondents, and conducts interviews with our participants.

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Walter L. Murrah III
Sr. Progam Assistant
Office: Burhans Hall, Room LL11K
Phone: 502.852.7650


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Elana Nance
Assistant Dean for Finance
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room 110
Phone: 502.852.0418

Responsibilities: Direct and manage the administration of finances, business services, and facilities of the School of Social Work. Oversight includes fiscal management of finances and business functions of all Kent School academic and service programs, gifts and endowments, as well as external funding to support research activities.

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Laurie O'Hare, MA
Program Manager, BSW Program
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room 217
Phone: 502.852.3935

Education: MA, Higher Education, University of Louisville

Responsibilities: The primary function of this position is responsibility for the overall management and day to day operational aspects of the BSW program including admissions, advising, and student services.   Laurie teaches Social Work (SW 101) for the Kent School.

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Erin Parker
Coordinator of Field Education
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room LL-12
Phone: 502.852.3934

Education: BS, University of Louisville

Responsibilities: The position coordinates MSSW practicum placements and practicum student orientation. The Coordinator organizes Field Education online and in-person training and professional development events for agency supervisors of Kent practicum students.  The position maintains the practicum database and generates reports as needed.  The position also monitors and reconciles budgets related to Field Education.

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Katie Radmacher
Program Coordinator Sr., Credit for Learning Program
Office: Patterson Hall, Room 100
Phone: 502.852.8792

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, University of Louisville

Responsibilities: Her responsibilities include managing all day-to-day business operations including: enrollment, student registration and transferring of classes. Budget implementation, monthly reconciliations and tuition collection. Serves as the CFL liaison for the Graduate School, Registrar's Office, Bursar’s Office and the grant sponsor.

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Pam Ratcliffe
Research Manager
Torture Recovery Center
Phone: 502.363.8606

Education: Masters in Social Work


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Kim Rogers
Coordinator, BSW Program
Office: Oppenheimer Hall, Room 208
Phone: 502.852.8039

Responsibilities: Assist with BSW program. Manage and reconcile monthly financials, maintain program databases; tracking student and practicum information. Process travel arrangements, procards, purchasing and coordinate with field instructor workshops, orientation for students and manage meetings for field events.

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Betty Sallengs
Development Director
Office: Fairfax Building, Room 103-1
Phone: 502.852.6982

Responsibilities: Responsible for identifying, cultivating and soliciting philanthropic support to the Kent School of Social Work in accordance with the fundraising priorities of the University and the unit

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Eric Schneider
Research Manager
Office: Burhans Hall, Room 11J
Phone: 502.852.8143

Responsibilities: I am a Research Manager currently working on several projects, including CHAMPS with Dr. Anita Barbee, START with Dr. Martin Hall and a cancer patient distress screening study with Dr. Karen Kayser.

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Kimberly Schneider

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Office: Brigman Hall, Room 109A

Phone: 502.852.1964


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Betty Shiels, LCSW
Research Manager
Office: Patterson Hall, Room 206
Phone: 502.852.8003

Responsibilities: Institutional Director of the OVAR Geriatric Education Center at the University of Louisville, Kent School of Social Work. Betty is the Principal Investigator for two contracts in conjunction with the Geriatric Education Center at the University of Kentucky. The Emergency Preparedness & Aging Program at Kent School is funded through the Kentucky Department for Public Health with funds from the Asst. Secretary for Preparedness and Response (DHHS) for the KY Hospital preparedness Program.

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Jenny Taylor, MSW
Research Manager
Office: Brigman Hall, room 104B
Phone: 502.852.3396

Education: MSSW

Responsibilities: Jenny has worked on several grant projects, some of which include training local DCBS workers on coping skills and resiliency, working with adoptive parents around the state on enhancing their communication skills, and in developing and facilitating a youth mentoring program. What stands out most about her work with the Kent School is her ability to work with a variety of community providers, youth and parents by providing a wide array of services aimed at improving relationships and, for the at-risk youth, their connection to school. Jenny recently began supervising current Kent School Master’s students

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Danielle Whiteside
Research Manager
Office: Burhans Hall, Room 11K
Phone: 502.852.3089

Education: MS in Counseling, Campbellsville University

Responsibilities: Danielle is the Research Manager for CHAMPS! (Teen Pregnancy Prevention grant). Her primary role is to oversee the data collection process which includes survey administration, data entry, and data cleaning. She assists with Data Daze and Clean Up to ensures all participants are reached through clean-up efforts so that 90% of participants complete all phases of the research data collection.

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