May 2018 CJ Masters and PhD Graduates

jpeg of Ethan Higgins after hoodingThe CJ Faculty and Staff would like to congratulate the May 2018 graduates in the Masters Program and Doctoral Program. We wish them the best in their careers and future. #GoCards #L1C4

All the CJ Graduation photos are on the CJ Flickr Page

KennethJ.MarshallAwardin CriminalJustice
Phoebe Embry
May 2018 Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice
  Hyunin Baek, “Confidence in the Police Among Caribbean Countries”  Faculty   Mentor, George E. Higgins
   Ethan Higgins, “the Styles of Criminology” Faculty Mentor, Kristin Swartz

May 2018 Master of Science in Criminal Justice degrees awarded:
Tracy Nichole Carter                      Jacklyn Nicole Colwell Shofner
John William Dunlap                      Katie Christina Egli
Phoebe Embry                              Kelsey Ann Guelda
Jarrod Taylor Hinton                       Luke R. Howard
Michael Wayne Howell                  William Clay Johnson
Komi Kossi                                  Jonathan Brice Lageman
John Edward Newlin                      Lara Ann Sheely
Karen Wells Thompson                 Shawn A. Vance
Philip Michael Woodcum