DEA is accepting applications for spring semester and summer semester internship

png of DEA logoThe DEA is accepting applications for a spring semester (*) and summer semester internship. The application process is lengthy and therefore, the spring semester may be a stretch, but they are willing to try to make it happen if students respond quickly.

The internship course, CJ 450, is open to students who have Junior or Senior status. It is a 3 credit hour course that requires 120 hours of your time at an agency. An internship with the DEA would require that your hours be completed between normal business hours of 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday. You have an entire semester to earn the 120 hours, so  plan for about 10 hours each week of the semester. Also, your schedule for your time with them is typically flexible to help meet your schedule.

I have included the forms necessary for you to apply for this internship, as well as an excerpt from a letter that is informational for students applying. If you want to know more about what the DEA does, please research that information. As an intern, you will be exposed to the work of the agency. If you want to apply, you should be putting this packet together ASAP! When you send it to Ms. Lawrence, please tell her which semester you would like to do an internship. This process is new to me as well, but I will help you all that I can.  Contact Kathy Eigelbach

The following are the things you will need to submit in a package:

a.       Resume

b.       Drug questionnaire (in the packet in the link below)

c.       Transcripts

d.       Current enrollment certificate – a letter which can be signed by school administrator on letterhead (You can get this at the Registrar's office)

e.       DEA Volunteer Service Agreement (in the packet in the link below)

DEA Internship Opportunity (zip file)

You can mail the package to:                  DEA

                                                            Attn: Angel Lawrence

                                                           600 Dr. Martin Luther King Place

                                                            Suite 1006

                                                           Louisville, Kentucky 40202

A few tips on completing your application process:

*Make sure you provide detailed information (where necessary) on the drug questionnaire and that you initial in the bottom of the first page. 

Try and complete all necessary steps as quickly as possible.  Although this process is very lengthy, the students that respond to each step quickly, cut down their processing time.