International Programs

International Service Learning Program

Since 1991, the Department of Criminal Justice has participated in a number of international programs involving professional exchange and partnerships with criminal justice agencies and personnel outside the United States. The first of these programs was an exchange, initiated by the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China. This resulted in the co-sponsorship of a conference in Beijing, China in 1993. This conference, Police Management in the 21st Century, held March 1-4, 1993 was sponsored by the Chinese People's Public Security University, Chinese State Foreign Expert's Bureau, Chinese National Section of the International Center for Sociological, Prison and Punishment Research and Studies and the Department of Justice Administration / Criminal Justice, University of Louisville. Those in attendance included the University of Louisville delegation, faculty from the Public Security University, police representatives from every district in China as well as police officers from Hong Kong, France and Great Britain. Following this international exchange, the department began ongoing and varied activities in Central Europe through partnerships with the Romanian National Police and Hungarian National Police as well as students educational opportunities over seas in Belize, Mexico, Philippines, and Botswana.

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