Benjamin W. Fisher

Assistant Professor


Ben Fisher is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice. He received his Ph.D. in Community Research and Action with a minor in Quantitative Methods from Vanderbilt University in 2016. His research interests center on school criminalization, with a particular focus on issues of equity. His research has addressed school resource officers, school security, exclusionary discipline, perceptions of safety at school, school climate, and inequality in these areas. Dr. Fisher is currently working on Nashville Longitudinal Study of Youth Safety and Wellbeing, funded by the National Institute of Justice. He recently completed two other NIJ-funded projects, including School Climate, Student Discipline, and the Implementation of School Resource Officers (principal investigator) and Understanding the Adoption, Function, and Consequences of School Resource Officer Use in Understudied Settings (co-principal investigator).

Before getting his Ph.D., Dr. Fisher worked as a Youth Advocate for high school students in Harrisburg, PA, where he helped students meet their goals of completing high school, pursuing post-secondary education, and securing employment.

Please see Dr. Fisher’s personal website for more information.