Cellular Telephone Policies

Effective December 13, 2004

For more information, please contact IT communications at 852-5145.


Information Technology is responsible for provision, management, and support of the University’s Voice, Data, and Video Networks within the University. This includes all cabling, installation and design for all intra-facility and inter-facility networking.


The University contracts with cellular phone providers that have been approved by the University of Louisville Purchasing Department and IT Services. The current list of vendors can be found at Cellular Service Providers


  • Requests for all services (including adds, moves, and changes) provided by Information Technology Communication Services may be obtained through our web page located at: louisville.edu/it/departments/communications/telephones.
  • The Department Chair, Director, or Unit Business Manager, is responsible for monitoring the use of all usage sensitive IT billing (i.e., cellular, long distance, base charges, etc.)
  • The dean, department head, director, project director on externally funded grants or contracts, or signatory officer must approve the purchase of cellular phone equipment and monthly service
  • Personal calls to or from a departmental cellular telephone should be kept to a minimum, and will be at the discretion or approval of the Director.
  • All costs associated with cellular phone will be borne by the department ordering the equipment. Such costs include, but are not limited to, the following: equipment acquisition; service initiation; monthly fees for cellular service; per-minute cost of calls in excess of the calling plan allocation; maintenance and repair of equipment; and replacement of lost or stolen equipment.
  • Cellular phones should not be issued to student workers, contract employees, part-time, temporary personnel, adjunct faculty, or others not having a compelling use for the technology unless specifically requested by the department head. Security of these phones is the responsibility of the department.
  • From time to time, Internal Audit and/or IT/Communications may review individual usage and suggest cellular plans to assure that the most appropriate rate plan is in use and to screen for possible abuse. This information will then be forwarded to the user’s department for administrative review.
  • User departments will be responsible for coordinating repair and billing issues of cellular phones with the appropriate vendor. If issues are not resolvable to the department’s satisfaction, contact IT/Communication Services Customer Support at 852-5145 for assistance and escalation procedures.

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