HPC Account Application

How to Request Accounts

User accounts for the HPC environment are available through the account application form. Users requesting an account need to be associated with a project/faculty PI in order to run jobs in the HPC environment. PI's initiating projects need to be U of L faculty, but the PI may designate a different point of contact within the U of L community.

After an account is requested, it will be verified that the requester is associated with a valid PI, and the requester will be notified about their application status within 2 business days (usually).

All prospective users should be aware of the usage policies for the Cardinal Research Cluster (CRC).

For non-UofL researchers, the project PI must request a sponsored account. After this account is approved, the PI may request a CRC account for the sponsored researcher.

Contact us at it-hpc@louisville.edu with any questions or for additional information.