HPC Helpdesk

Answers to Questions

Welcome to the HPC Helpdesk where users can submit questions, bug reports, or inform us of hardware problems in the HPC environment. Send email to it-hpc@lousville.edu with any questions.

The frequently-asked questions list contains helpful answers to some common questions. The Cardinal Research Cluster documentation contains more detailed information for users of the cluster, and the software page contains links to documentation for various applications installed on the software. Research consultants also offers classes in computing on the CRC or in parallel programming.

In addition to these resources a listserv and an HPC Users Group are available and open to all CRC users.  Information about how to subscribe to the listserv can be found on our frequently-asked-questions page and more information about our user group is available at: HPC Users Group.

Contact us at it-hpc@louisville.edu with any questions or for additional information.