Student Computer Purchase Programs

In an effort to make computer purchases more affordable, UofL and Dell Computers have formed an alliance to benefit the university community. UofL students, faculty, and staff can now purchase computers, peripherals, and selected software directly from Dell Computers at special discounted prices.

The Dell Student Computer Purchase Plus program offers a variety of Dell desktop and laptop systems to choose from. You can configure your system to suit your academic needs and financial requirements.

Dell Computers
Dell has designed a personalized Premier Page for the UofL progam that links directly to their Student Purchase Plus store. This website allows you to purchase the system of your choice, take advantage of discounted offers and place orders online via a secure, password-protected site.

Payment Options
You can pay by credit card, e-check, or a personal purchase plan with Dell. The personal purchase plan gives you the option to stretch out payments over 36, 48, or 60 months with no prepayment. In addition to Dell's financing, the UofL Student Credit Union (go to the bookcase and click on Loan Application) also offers finance options for your computer purchase.