Oracle Managed Cloud Services

Over the past six years Information Technology has seen a reduction of staff through attrition. We continue to have difficulty hiring replacement staff, especially staff with PeopleSoft expertise. IT has decided to address these staffing needs by implementing a new "managed service" support model.

We started our new support model with an Oracle Managed Cloud Services pilot. The pilot focused on providing CEMLI and technical DBA support for our Financials and Portal environments. CEMLI support includes changes, enhancements, and break fixes in the application. DBA support responsibilities include patch assessments, applying patches, cloning environments, backing up,  restoring database schemas, performance tuning, and daily troubleshooting tasks.

The initial pilot has been so successful, we have expanded our model to include Human Resources, Campus Solutions, Portal Tools Upgrade, CEMLI Minimization Effort, Financials Application and Tools Upgrade. Another addition was the functional service desk, supporting functional users getting answers to how-to questions. We feel the functional service desk will be critical for users learning new upgraded environments.

To monitor activities, we formed a steering committee to review key accomplishments, improvement opportunities, upcoming activities, and future directions. Our partnership with Oracle Managed Cloud Services will support us transforming services to support customer requirements well into the future with flexible and innovative technology solutions.