Getting Started Faculty & Staff

1. Find your userID (you will need your university employee/student id # or Social Security Number) Employees get userIDs on their first day.

2. Find your ULink password:

a) If you are a new employee and have never had an account at the University, your default password will begin with an Upper Case L, the first two letters of your first name, then the first two letters of your last name, then an exclamation mark (!), then the last four digits of your employee ID. For Jane Smith, employee ID 1234567, her password is Ljasm!4567.

b) If you were here previously and don't remember your password, please contact your Tier I support staff or the Help Desk.

3. Change your ULink password and set up your Challenge Question.

4. Log into ULink:

a) Select the “Faculty/Staff Services” tab and verify your information: Directory Name, Home and Mailing Addresses. Update your office phone for the Outlook Address Book.

b) Your paystubs will be available on-line within Ulink

5. Review Information Security Policies and Standards

6. You should verify that these things are set up on your computer:

a) Set up anti-virus software to run and automatically update on your personal computer(s)

b) Set up automatic operating system updates on your personal computer(s)

c) Set up a personal firewall

7. Log into your e-mail account. All active employees have Exchange email accounts. There are two methods to access your email:

a) The web on the Outlook client

b) Installed client (see free software under Email in iTech Xpress)

8. Set up your preferred nickname (based on your name) and preferred e-mail address (PEA) in ULink

9. Set up your anti-SPAM processes

10. Select your University wireless account for your mobile devices

11. Request  accounts for faculty and staff

12. Set up your Outlook account, including,

a) Address Book

b) Archives

c) Calendar