Security Essentials Advanced

Microsoft Security Essentials is a free download from Microsoft. Read below for instructions on how to use the advanced features of this product. If you have not yet downloaded and installed this application, please refer to the instructions for basic installation.

Detected Virus History

If you click the History tab you will see any items that have been detected as a potential threat. Once a file is detected and an action is taken, you have the ability to remove it from the history by utilizing Delete History at the bottom of the screen.

Scheduled Scans

Under the Settings tab, you will see options to set-up a scanning schedule. It is recommended you schedule a (Full) scan at least once a week. To set-up your schedule, first check the box next to Run a scheduled scan on my computer. Then choose Full scan as the “scan type.” Then select the day of the week and the time of your scan. It is recommended that you choose a time that you are unlikely to be working such as 2 a.m. (shown below). You will also need to check the three remaining boxes (as shown below) to run your scans at the recommended settings.

Default Actions

While on the Settings tab, click Default Actions in the menu on the left. Select the preferred levels of each of the alerts at Quarantine . This option isolates potentially infected files preventing any further harm. Check Apply recommended actions and click Save Changes.

Note: This product will allow you to recover quarantined files when necessary.

Real-time Protection

While on the Settings tab, click Real-time protection in the menu on the left. It is recommended that all of the settings are activated, in order for this product to perform most effectively.

Excluded Files and Locations

While on the Settings tab, click Excluded files and locations in the menu on the left. This feature is important because it is possible to receive an occasional false positive on a legitimate file. This feature allows you to omit those files from the scanning process.

Browse to the program or file you wish to exclude by clicking Browse, selecting the file or files and then clicking Add. Click Save Changes to complete the modification.

Although excluded file types and excluded processes are two other available features of this product, it is not recommended that you exclude file types or processes from scanning. Utilizing either these options may put your computer at risk.


While on the Settings tab, click Advanced in the menu on the left. This option gives you an opportunity to verify the locations scanned and to control the amount of time your quarantined files are preserved. It is recommended that all of these boxes are checked in order to offer the best protection available with this product. Remember to Save changes.

Microsoft SpyNet

While on the Settings tab, click Microsoft SypNet in the menu on the left. Microsoft SpyNet is utilized to improve the performance of this antivirus product. When a suspicious file is found on your computer it can be sent directly to Microsoft for analysis and new definitions are created. To protect your privacy, it is recommended that you participate in the “Basic Membership” which includes only the most pertinent information.