Incident Response


The mission of the ULCirt team is;
To promptly and effectively respond to security incidents, and proactively and reactively assure the security of all UofL systems, data, and research information while maintaining connectivity and interoperability. The ULCirt accomplishes this by identifying IT security threats, developing and promoting safeguards, responding and implementing immediate corrective actions when security is breached, analyzing and performing post mortems, documenting attacks, and educating users about security threats and vulnerabilities.


The goals of the ULCirt include but are not limited to;

  • Prompt and effective response to incidents
  • Proactively minimize the affect of incidents
  • Continually improve the overall level of security for networks, systems and users
  • Provides timely and ongoing reports to management
  • Reduce the number of vulnerability and exposure points
  • Ensure that network systems and infrastructure equipment are secure
  • Improve processes through Lessons Learned and continued education and training
  • Continually increase security awareness
  • Maintain a “self-audit” culture
  • Prepares guidelines for establishing and maintaining the security incident response plan
  • Evaluates and recommends new tools and technology to mitigate security incidents


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