University Reports Campus Solutions request

Access to the Campus Solutions University Report system is limited to staff with a need to view the information. All requests are reviewed and some may be denied. You can track your request using HEAT once the initial review has been performed.

Identifying Information
Type of Orion Account


  1. Requests are forwarded to the HelpDesk, and a copy is returned to the requester.
  2. The HelpDesk records the request, creates a HEAT ticket and assigns the request to the Registrar's Office (group=ORIONREQ).
  3. The Registrar's Office reviews the request and approves security for Inquiry Access. When they approve it, they assign it to Secure Access Management (SAM) (group=Orion3). If they don't approve the request, they will notify the user.
  4. Secure Access Management creates the Internal PeopleSoft University Reports Student Administration account and assigns the designated security group/s.
  5. When complete, SAM closes the HEAT ticket, notifies the requester and provides basic logon information.

Requesters can track their requests by viewing HEAT on the web.