Tier 1 Designation


Submitting this form will grant or remove Tier I employee access to the following:

  • A subscription to the UofL Tier I professional listserv, TierTalk
  • Entry into the Tier I resources list located on the Two-Tier Technology Support Site
  • Administrative access to the departmental Active Directory organizational unit (OU)

This designation and the associated privileges are limited to University of Louisville employees.


For security purposes, all requests submitted must be followed by an email of approval from the Tier I's Department Head, Dean or VP (based on their container, whichever is highest) or no action will be taken. Based on the container or OU the Tier needs access to, enter the name and userid for the approver on that OU. The approver will receive an email notification of the request.
If you do not receive a confirmation email of your approved Tier I status within 5 business days after submission of this form, you can check the status of the request through HEAT using the Tier I's userID. That will indicate whether your Department Head has submitted an email of approval to Secure Access Management at asksamit@louisville.edu.

If additional information is needed, please contact Secure Access Management
by email.

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Tier I Information
Active Directory Access What level of access should the Tier I have in Active Directory?