CMS (Plone 3) Information

Plone 3 User Manual

CMS Basics Video

Videos are Flash Movies.

  1. Logging into Your Site (Flash Movie)
  2. Creating a New Page (Flash Movie)
  3. Edit a Page (Flash Movie)
  4. Working with Links (Flash Movie)
  5. Removing Links (Flash Movie)
  6. Setting a Default Folder View (Flash Movie)
  7. Redirecting to Another Web Page (Flash Movie)
  8. Deleting an Object (Flash Movie)

CMS Form Videos

Videos can be viewed using Windows Media Player.

  1. Creating a Form Folder (WMV file)
  2. Creating a String Field (WMV file)
  3. Creating a Date-Time Field (WMV file)
  4. Adding a Selection Field (WMV file)
  5. Multi-Select Field (WMV file)
  6. Adding a Rating-Scale Field (WMV file)
  7. Deleting Fields (WMV file)
  8. Changing the Subject Field (WMV file)
  9. Adding a File Upload Field (WMV file)
  10. Boolean Field (WMV file)