6 Easy Steps to Entering a HEAT Ticket

Remember, HEAT tickets are for reporting a problem and requesting a repair.

If you would like to request a new data service or phone service, submit a Communications Services request form.

  1. Try the web client!
  2. Many of the fields in HEAT are validated: There are tables from which you can choose the information. To see if it is a validated field
  • press F9.

  • Profile information
    • Type in the userid and press TAB
    • If you are not sure of the user ID (if they are a 06 or a 02?, insert a % as the wild card. If you are looking for Victoria Harpe, you could enter a in v%harp0% and it will populate a list of various user ID’s that match the pattern
    • If any of the information needs to be updated, press F5 and make the appropriate changes. For changes to occur in the current ticket, remove the final digit from the user ID (just delete it), press TAB and that will update the profile information
    • Be sure and include a speed code if you want a technician to come out
  • Call Type
    Press F9 to see ALL of the existing Call Types. You most likely will only need one of the following:
    • Office Equipment
    • Use this when you need a technician to come and work on a PC. You can include the UofL tag on the Detail tab.
    • PC Software
    • Telephone **Don’t put in a HEAT ticket – use https://tele1.louisville.edu/webapp**
    • Network **Don’t put in a HEAT ticket – use https://tele1.louisville.edu/webapp**
    • GroupWise
    • PeopleSoft

    • Assignment
      • Do NOT write over the top of an existing Assignment
      • Put REASSIGN in the Resolution code field and create a new assignment (CTRL/A)
      • If you have ANY doubts about where to assign the ticket, select HELPDESK
      • If you’ve included an account number/speed code to bill select OES
      • If you need repair service on a phone select NSS
      • If you need to have an existing Ethernet connection checked (not a new connection) select Network

    • SAVE (CTRL/S) the ticket, don't , CLOSE (F10) it!