Courseware Installation Request

Use this form to request installation of courseware on IT Computing Center computers.

The Computing Center encourages the opportunity to collaborate with faculty by making courseware available to students. The courseware installation and support procedures outlined below summarizes the responsibility of the Computing Center and the faculty member.


  • A completed and signed "Courseware Installation Request Form" must accompany each courseware installation request.  Please use the "Courseware Installation Request Form".
  • Courseware must be received by a member of the Computing Centers' staff at least one month before it is required to be available for student use. Please note that installation times may vary, and that the average time for most courseware installations (from initial request to completion) is one week
  • It is the responsibility of the faculty member to contact the courseware publisher in advance of the installation and secure copyright clearance for the courseware. Courseware installation will not begin until a copy of the copyright clearance has been received by the Computing Center staff. The copyright clearance must clearly summarize how many users may use the software concurrently
  • Courseware must be furnished on the original media. The faculty member agrees to allow the Computing Center staff to keep a copy of the original installation media for as long as the courseware is to be available at the Computing Center
  • The faculty member must furnish a complete set of documentation or a similar replica for the Computing Centers staff to place on reserve
  • The faculty member agrees to test the courseware before the Computing Center staff will make the courseware available for student use


  • Students will be referred to the faculty member for support beyond locating and executing the application. Please note that the Computing Center and the HelpDesk do not support courseware
  • If Students encounter operational errors using the courseware they should be instructed to contact the Computing Center staff on-site immediately so that the problem can be addressed in a punctual manner
  • Computing Center staff will notify the faculty member of any courseware unavailability as soon as possible. Center staff will notify the faculty member of any courseware unavailability as soon as possible.

To Request Courseware Installation

  • Fill out the Courseware Installation Request Form below
  • For any other questions or concerns please contact the helpdesk at 502-852-7997