Wireless Policy

Campus wireless networking service is being offered according to the following terms:

Use of the University's wireless network requires the user to authenticate as a faculty, staff, or student, or be a sponsored guest user. For more information regarding access to the wireless network, please go to http://louisville.edu/it/communications/wireless

Wireless networks are installed for convenience and as a complement to the wired network. Wireless networks provide shared bandwidth that does not provide performance of a wired switched network. Wireless networks are not intended to replace the wired networking that is required as part of the University's networking standards.

The policy of the University is that only authorized Information Technology staff may install, manage or change the network infrastructure. Unauthorized changes to the network can seriously compromise the reliability, performance, security and availability of the network and its services. It is a violation of this policy for departments or individuals to install their own communications infrastructure, or modify the existing communications infrastructure in any way. Departments or individuals installing their own communications wiring or networking equipment will not receive IP addresses for their computing systems and will be subject to disconnection from university network. This includes wireless devices not connected to the University's enterprise or private networks.