Windows 8 Wireless Manual Configuration

Windows 8 should automatically configure and connect to the ulsecure network. Occasionally, however, this fails and Windows is unable to join the ulsecure wireless network. If this happens to you follow the steps below to manually configure Windows to connect to the wireless network.

If Windows has not failed to join the wireless network or you have never before connected to the wireless network follow the instructions found here to connect.





1. Bring up the Charms menu













2. Click or tap on "Settings"













3. Click or tap on "Available" to list the available wireless networks

4. Right-click on ulsecure

5. Click on or tap "View connection properties"













6. Click or tap on "Settings"

















7. Check the box beside (1.)"Verify the server's identity by validating the certificate"

(2.) "Connect to these servers" Positive SSl Multi-Domain

(3.) Check the box beside "AddTrust External CA Root"



















8. Click or tap "Configure..."

9. Uncheck the box




















10. Click or tap "OK"

11. Click or tap "OK"

12. Click or tap "Advanced Settings"

















13. Click or tap the box beside "Specify authentication mode" and choose "User or computer authentication"



















14. Click or tap "OK"

15. Bring up the Charms menu













16. Click or tap "Settings"












17. Click or tap "Available"

18. Click or tap ulsecure













19. Click or tap "Connect"

20. Enter your Ulink username and password when prompted













21. If Windows reports that it can't verify the server's identity click or tap "Connect"













22. You may be prompted to enter your Ulink and password again. If so, enter them and click or tap "OK"