University of Louisville Ubuntu 9.10 Wireless Setup Guide

1.Click On System → Preferences → Network Connections


2.Click on the “Wireless Tab” then click the “Add” Button



3. Enter “UofL Secure Wireless” as the Connection Name. Make sure you are on the “Wireless” tab, then type “ulsecure” into the SSID field.

4. Select the “Wireless Security” Tab, then click on the Security drop down menu. Select “WPA & WPA2 Enterprise”. Then on the Authentication drop down menu, select “Protected EAP (PEAP)”. The other fields should be filled out correctly after this, and should match the image below. Enter your Ulink Username, and password into the respective fields. Then click “Apply” which will save your settings and close the settings window.



5.Click “Close” inside the Network Connections Window



6. Your computer may not connect right away, if so LeftClick on your Wireless Icon → ulsecure (the one with an arrow!) and choose “UofL Secure Wireless”


7. You should see the following image, if so you have successfully connected to the UofL Wireless Network!