Kindle Paperwhite Wireless Setup


This short guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Kindle Paperwhite device to the University of Louisville's secure wireless network "ulsecure".

1.   Tap the menu button in the upper right corner. A drop down list will appear, select the Settings option.

2.   On the settings menu select the Wi-Fi Networks option.

3.    A pop up menu will appear, select the option that says ulsecure

4.    Enter your Ulink Login information into the following boxes:

  1. User Name:  Ulink username
  2. Password:    Ulink PASSWORD



5.   If your Kindle Paperwhite is unable to connect it will pop up a box that asks if you would like to set up the connection. Tap on Set Up and make sure the following settings, as pictured below, are correct.


a.   Network Name: ulsecure


b. Connection Type: DHCP

c. IP Address: Leave Blank

d. Subnet Mask: Leave Blank





















e.  Router: Leave Blank

f.  DNS: Leave Blank

g.  Security Type: WPA2

h:  Version: Enterprise






















i. EAP Method: PEAP

j. Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2


k. Username: Your Ulink Login

l. Password: Your Ulink password






















Note:  Sometimes, even though the information is correct, it will still say it is unable to connect. However, it is possible that the Kindle Paperwhite is connected to the wireless. If the icon near the battery at the top changes from  to this  , then you are connected.