Android 3.0+ Xoom Tablet O/S Wireless Setup

This short guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to connect your Android 3.0+ and up device to the University of Louisville's secure wireless network "ulsecure". Note: Screen shots were taken from a Motorola Xoom some may vary depending on your device


1. Start at your home screen and touch Apps


2. Touch Settings


3. Touch Wireless & networks


4. Touch to turn on Wi-F


5. Touch Wi-Fi settings


6. Touch ulsecure under Wi-Fi networks


7. This screen will appear


8. Choose MSCHAPV2 for Phase 2 authentication



9. Leave CA certificate and User certificate default, type ulink userid under Identity

10. Type your ulink userid in the Anonymous identity field or leave blank  (Optional)


11. Type your ulink password under the password field (Hint: Touch box next to Show password to see what your typing)


12. Leave Proxy settings and IP settings default, Click Connect



13. If everything is setup correctly then you should see Connected



14. If you see connected then touch the home button to get back to your main screen