Work Orders

Use the work order system to place an order for a network connection or other network service. Review our Fiscal Year 2018-2019 price list for up to date information.

Voice over IP

The University has transitioned from its traditional analog telephone service to a new system called Voice over IP or VoIP. The migration to VoIP is complete, and replaced over 9000 telephones used by faculty, staff and students. To learn more about VoIP, see the VoIP Information page.

Long Distance

The university maintains a contract for long distance services through AT&T. Using long distance on a university phone requires a special authorization code (called ELD for Enhanced Long Distance). Long distance and other communications-related services can be obtained by completing a work order. For more information, please see the Long Distance FAQ.

Standard Dialing Pattern

Traditionally, after the advent of area codes, the phone system allows callers to dial only the local portion of the phone number they wanted to reach, as long as the called number was in the same area code as that of the caller. The university has standard dialing patterns for both calls within or outside the university, eld authorization codes, directory assistance, etc.

Configuring Speed Dial

Abbreviated dialing is the use of a very short telephone number to reach public services. Typically these are two or three digits, and are most commonly known as being emergency telephone numbers like 9-9-9, 1-1-2 and 9-1-1. Other services may also be available this way, the university has a quick reference guide helping you setup this option.

Feature Activation Codes

The following feature activation codes are used for the existing Centrex telephone lines, but will not be used once an individual is converted to the new VoIP sets. This information is being provided for those who are still using Centrex services.

Cellular Services

UofL maintains contracts with several cellular vendors to provide discounted cellular services for faculty, staff, and students. For more information, please see the UofL Cellular offerings.