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AT&T Reservation-less Service
Give Your Company the Advantage of Anytime Conferencing

Having the ability to connect quickly and efficiently to employees, vendors and clients can give your company a competitive advantage. AT&T Reservation-less Service gives you the ability to launch a spontaneous conference call anytime, anywhere. With the AT&T Reservation-less Service, your conference number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you can conduct virtual meetings whenever necessary. Additionally, the Host has access to a number of powerful features that give them significant control of their call.

Robust Host Capability Feature

AT&T Reservation-less Service adds value to your teleconference capabilities by providing a wide array of hosting commands on a call-by-call basis. These commands are accessible via touch-tone commands or via the AT&T Conference Manager (on the Web):

  • Entry & Exit Announcement
  • Participant Count
  • Conference Continuation
  • Dial Out and Add Participants
  • Roll Call
  • Help
  • Mute All

Your participants also get access to additional features via touch-tone commands, including:

  • Participant Count
  • Participant Mute
  • Roll Call
  • Help

Enhanced Features Provide Better Access and Security

AT&T Reservation-less Service provides several enhanced features to allow immediate access and maintain conference security. These features include:

Host Selectable Access Code – For added security, the Host can select and periodically change the access code as needed.

Host Selectable Password – A numeric code that Hosts enter to identify themselves as the conference host, thereby letting them start their conference and use the commands and options reserved for the Host. It is also used to gain access to the AT&T Conference Manager – the Internet interface.

Optional Security Code –To enhance a call’s security, a Host can utilize a numeric security code to enhance a specific conference security or all conferences hosted. If a conference has this security level activated, a participant must enter a valid security code to join the conference. The Host sets up the security code prior to the call via touch-tone commands.

Name Announce – Participant name is announced before being joined to the call.

Conference Lock – The Host can lock a conference call via touch-tone commands at anytime during the call preventing anyone from entering.

Online Conference Manager – Monitor and control your conference via the Web.

Optional Power via the Internet

AT&T Reservation-less Service can also be used with AT&T Conference Manager, via the Web. By using the AT&T Conference Manager interface the Host can perform any of the available touch-tone commands over the Internet, in addition to monitoring and controlling their conference. Some of the key features available via the AT&T Conference Manager interface include:

Monitor – all conference activity – participant by participant.

View ANI (Automatic Number Identification) – automatically populates participants’ phone numbers if available.

Mute and Un-Mute – all conference participants (except the Host line and TeleConference Specialist if present).

Lock Conference – so that no one else can join (not even the TeleConference Specialist).

TeleConference Specialist Recall – Requests help from a TeleConference Specialist.

Roll Call – plays the roll call list of conferees and the count of anonymous participants to the host.

Help – opens the AT&T Conference Manager’s online help page.

Conference Continuation – enables the current conference to continue after the Host leaves. The conference does not end until the last participant disconnects.

Account Option Administration – Provides the Host with the ability to enable/disable many account options, such as Roll Call options, Entry/Exit options, Name Record, Auto Continuation, etc.


  • Hold spontaneous virtual meetings with no reservations necessary
  • Conferencing and Customer Service available 24 x 7
  • Teleconference Specialists available 24 x 7 to assist with every call
  • Participants can join a conference call anytime, from anywhere, any day of the week
  • Host controlled features provide a high level of security

To setup your Id folder and use AT&T Reservation-less Service send a service request. Please include the speedtype number to charge. You are only charged when you hold a conference. Conference rates are $0.04 cents per minute per person. You can hold a conference with up to 50 participants.

Please send an email to your Teleconference Host, Karin H. Tyler ( or call at 502.852.5281 if you have any questions.