Bigelow Request

PLEASE NOTE: For any bookings after August 25, 2013, an IUT in the amount of $25.00 must be turned in at the time the key is picked up as room rental to fund routine maintenance and renewal of the room furnishings and equipment. Please include the name and date of the event on the IUT.


For events that are non-academic in nature (UofL academic credit is not granted for the event), Equipment Rental Rates apply. To request equipment, please use the Audiovisual Form.

Please enter the name of the group requesting use of the facility.
Enter the sponsor for this group, including telephone number with area code & title.
Public Safety requires this information.
Date & Time Start
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Date & Time End
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Key Pick Up Date/Time
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This should be between 100 & 400 persons (no more than 400 allowed).
Key Return Date/Time
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