Classroom Technology Recommendations

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Our purpose for drafting this document was to define some recommendations for the technology implemented within the classroom. We created two different packages in order to encapsulate the different levels of technology and the environment/layout needed for the learning space. These are general guidelines and should be used as a foundation for making decisions on the equipment purchased for use within the classroom. This document contains the following:

  1. Overview/Services
  2. Standard Package
  3. Premium Package
  4. Process - High-level Overview
  5. Available Packages Overview (Table)
  6. Vendor/Equipment List
  1. Overview - Classroom Size/Layout/Environment

    Developing recommendations for technology in the classroom presents several challenging issues to consider, the size of the classroom, layout, as well as the environment, all play a key role in determining what technology should be purchased for the learning space. Our goal was to create recommendations for the purchase of technology in the classroom, as well as, their associated costs. However, the final determining factor for the overall cost will be dependent on other factors such as, classroom size, layout, and environment. An assessment will have to be completed in order to verify all costs needed to complete the project.

    The two packages included also have optional instructional equipment that can be added to the overall costs for the associated package. For example, to equip a standard classroom with the standard available package, that would include everything needed to configure the classroom for a projector, sound system, DVD/VHS player, i>clicker base (if applicable), and the electric screen with a manual switch to bring down the screen. However, if you also want to add a document camera you can add this for approximately $2,000. If you require a document camera that is more robust we can upgrade it to one that can digitally capture images on a connected computer that costs approximately $3,800.

  2. Standard Package

    The standard package is based on equipment purchased for a typical classroom setting. This includes a projector, electric screen (which can be lowered by a manual switch), DVD/VHS player, sound system, network connections and the i>clicker base(if applicable). The projector is typically rated at 3,000 ansi lumens (intensity of the lamp) which is acceptable in a typical classroom. If you have a room that is larger, we may want to move into the premium package with a projector that has 5,200 ansi lumens. This will be reviewed when the initial assessment is done prior to purchasing equipment.

  3. Premium Package

    The Premium package is geared towards a larger classroom which requires a projector with a rated 5,200 ansi lumens. We also include the AMX touch screen panel as well as a presentation computer with network connectivity.

  4. Process - High-level Overview

    Instructional Support can act as the central point for all services requested when implementing/modifying technology for the learning space. Services provided include an initial assessment of planning, so all components create an integrated system, equipment specification for the system, and follow through with equipment and installation vendors. Instructional Support seeks to have the customer involved as early as possible in planning for the projected facility.

    Initially, the customer can submit a request for more information, with regards to their project. A member from the Instructional Support team will contact the customer to setup an initial meeting in order to learn more about the goals and expectations, as they pertain to, the implementation of technology in the classroom.

    In terms of the services provided and their associated costs, when services are provided by the vendor they are typically included in the quote after an assessment of the job has been completed. If the services are to be provided by the Instructional Support Team, those services are not charged to the department. If services are provided by Physical Plant or Comm Services, you will be charged according to their current rates. These prices do not reflect any additional costs due to services rendered.

    For example, a new data line for a classroom will cost $150 for the installation with a recurring cost of $10.50 per month for network connectivity. If a new cable run is required, there will be an additional charge of $100. Any additional fees will be assessed prior to the start of the project.

  5. Available Packages
    StandardCostPremiumCostAdvantages - Notes

    A/V Instructional Equipment
    Casework appropriate for room to rack mount presentation technology equipment$3,500.00Casework appropriate for room to rack mount presentation technology equipment$6,000.00Could require custom millwork from a local company which would have an associated cost
    Projector (Data/Video)/Ceiling Mounted (3,500 ansi lumens) Typically lasts ~3500 Hours$3,500.00Projector (Data/Video)/Ceiling Mounted (5,000 ansi lumens) Requires Special Lens Typically lasts ~2000 Hours$5,600.00Intensity of the lamp (lumens) increased for larger spaces or spaces with excessive ambient light. Includes Security Cage for Project ($450)
    Electric Screen (sized to room) Manual Switch to bring down screen$2,225.00Electric screen (sized to room) Manual Switch to bring down screen$2,225.00Manual switch allows the Professor to raise the screen without shutting down the equipment
    Extron control system/with transport controls$3,400.00Touch screen control system (AMX)$6,200.00Touch screen employs a panel that relies on no knobs or dials. Depends on type of system, touch screen size, types of devices being controlled ($6,200-$12,000)
    DVD/VHS Player$400.00DVD/VHS Player$400.00Standard DVD/VHS player
    Program audio sound system with sound reinforcement as needed (Wireless microphone w/speech reinforcement in larger spaces)$2,100.00Program audio sound system with sound reinforcement as needed (Wireless microphone w/speech reinforcement in larger spaces)$2,100.00With sound reinforcement the level of volume is maintained at the same level throughout the room. Typically used for larger rooms
    Input panel for laptop/computer with audio, auxiliary audio/video input jacks and power for laptop$300.00Input panel for laptop/computer with audio, auxiliary audio/video input jacks/Network Connection and power for laptop$500.00Custom created - Allows for more connections on the input panel
    Network connections for control system (or projector) monitoring and laptop $10.50/month (network Connection)$150.00Network connections for control system (or projector) monitoring and laptop $10.50/month (network Connection)$150.00Global Viewer for monitoring. Includes additional features such as Auto Shutoff, current lamp usage, Theft notification
    i>clicker Student Response System (Base)$185.00i>clicker Student Response System (Base)$185.00If we currently don't have a base to utilize, the cost is $185.00. Currently we have available 5 bases. Students pay ~ $30 for their i>clicker
    Installed presentation computer (w/network - $10.50/month )$1,200.00Dedicated workstation with network connectivity
    Associated Costs with Package$15,760.00$24,560.00
    Optional Instructional Equipment
    Whiteboard 5' X 16'$1,000.00Whiteboard 5' X 16'$1,000.00This is an option for purchasing a whiteboard instead of a chalkboard
    Document Camera (Analogue Capture)$2,000.00Document Camera (Digital Capture)$3,800.00The higher model can utilize HDTV with 30fps. The lower cost model is 20fps
    AMX controlled Automated Projection Screen$1,000.00Special Programming Required
    Room lighting is System controlled (AMX)$2,000.00Electrical work may be required in order to interface with the lighting fixtures
    Sympodium (15")$2,250.00Sympodium (17")$2,900.00A host PC is required as well as software
    Revolabs xTag Wireless USB Microphone$249.00VoiceTracker USB Microphone$299.00For Tegrity recording. A PC is required with the Tegrity client software installed
    Associated Costs with Options$21,259.00$35,559.00
    Optional Distance Learning Equipment
    HD 720p (1280x720) codec w/1 HD camera & 2 microphones$22,000.00HD 720p (1280x720) codec w/1 HD camera & 2 microphones$27,000.00The advanced option includes some capabilities beyond the basic model: Document Sharing, Multiplexing, and several others
    Additional HD Camera$5,000.00This option is for adding a second camera to your existing configuration
    50" LCD TV 1366x768 resolution w/Wall Mount$4,000.0050" LCD TV 1366x768 resolution w/Wall Mount$4,000.00The size of the TV is dependent on the size of the room
    Associated Costs with Options + Distance Learning equipment$47,259.00$71,559.00
  6. Vendor/Equipment List
    WireOne or ISSG50" LCD TV 1366x768 resolutionSharpAquos LC52D43U
    WireOne or ISSGAMX Touch Control System: 7.5" Modero Tabletop Touch PanelAMXFG5965-01
    WireOne or ISSGAMX Touch Control System: Integrated Master/Netlinx ControllerAMXFG2105-05
    WireOne or ISSGAMX Touch Control System: Power SupplyAMXFG423-41
    WireOne or ISSGAudio Sound SystemBi-AmpMXA-75
    WireOne or ISSGDATA/Video Projector 3500 ansi LumensEpsonPowerLite 6110i
    WireOne or ISSGDATA/Video Projector 5000 ansi LumensEpsonPowerLite Pro G5350nl
    WireOne or ISSGDocument Camera - Analogue CameraELMOP-10
    WireOne or ISSGDocument Camera - Digital CameraELMOP-100
    WireOne or ISSGDVD/VHS PlayerSonySLV-D380P
    WireOne or ISSGElectric ScreenDa-LiteAdvantage Electrol
    WireOne or ISSGControl System: Control PanelExtronMLC 226 IP DV+
    WireOne or ISSGExtron Control System: SwitcherExtronIN1508
    WireOne or ISSGHD 720p (1280x720) codec w/1 HD camera & 2 microphonesPolycomHDX 9002 XL HD
    WireOne or ISSGHD 720p (1280x720) codec w/1 HD camera & 2 microphonesPolycomHDX 9002 XLP HD
    WireOne or ISSGHD CameraPolycomEagle Eye
    WireOne or ISSGSympodium 15"Smart TechnologiesID250 15"
    WireOne or ISSGSympodium 17"Smart TechnologiesID370 17"
    WireOne or ISSGWall mount for LCD TVChief
    Acoustic MagicVoiceTracker USB MicrophoneAcoustic Magic103 Voice Tracker USB Array Microphone
    WireOnexTag Wireless USB MicrophoneRevolabs02-DSKSYS-D