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How to enter an Intramural Sports Event

Forming a Team

Teams may be organized in a number of different ways. Fraternities, sororities, residence hall groups, campus organizations, or just a group of friends that want to compete together may all enter a team in any activity. If you do not have a group to participate with, stop by our office and we will put you on our "Free Agent" list. Managers and Intramural Chairs from various gruops check this periodically to round out their own teams and if there are enough names on the list, we can form a team from it.

There is a place for you in our program! Every effort has been made to provide a wide range of sporting activities. You are encouraged to find your place in the program and to take full advantage of the opportunities therein. If you have any questions, call or stop by our office.

How to Enter an Activity

1. Steps to follow:
  • A. Check the bulletin board outside the weight room of the SAC. All events are posted there. In addition, publicity and roster sheets can be picked up in the Intramural Office, E-102 in the Student Activities Center. Rosters are mailed to various departments on campus to distribution and a number of campus organizations have a mailbox in the Intramural Office where notices of every activity are supplied. You may also visit our web page
  • B. For all activities, secure an entry form from the Intramural Office.
  • C. Check the eligibility of all team members by consulting the Intramural Handbook.
  • D. List the names, signatures, and student ID numbers of all team members on the roster. SIGNATURES MUST BE AUTHENTIC.
  • E. Return the completed form to the Intramural Office on or prior to the listed entry deadline. Forms will not be accepted in the mail.
  • F. Applicable registration fees are due at the time of entry.

2. Team Manager's Meetings: MANDATORY
  • A. A pre-event meeting will be conducted for the managers of all teams in every activity. Rules, guidelines, and other important information will be disseminated at this meeting.
  • B. It is the manager's responsibility to attend these meetings and distribute the information to their team members. Dates and times for these meetings are included on the cover page of all publicity.

A 24-hour grace period will be given for registration of all activities. Entries will be accepted during this period of time. For example, if the listed due date for an activity is on a Thursday, entries will be accepted until Friday at the close of the Intramural Office.

Please note: No rosters will be accepted beyond this grace day!
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