Fitness Class Descriptions

Group X Class Descriptions

Aerobic Variety: This 45 minute class uses a combination of step and floor routines for a 45 minute cardiovascular workout followed by muscle conditioning exercises, a cool-down and stretching.


Barre: The goal of the Barre workout is to create long, lean muscles while strengthening and toning the entire body, specifically tapping into your small isometric muscles. Exercises are based on dance, ballet, pilates, and yoga. Each class includes optional 2-3lb weights, upbeat music, and is one hour in length.


Belly Dancing: This belly dance fitness class combines traditional moves with current pop, R&B, and hip-hop hits. There are many health benefits who practice this form dance, including improved posture and muscle toning, weight loss, stress reduction, brighter and clearer skin, better sleep, decreased back pain, and increased self-esteem and confidence.


Boot Camp: This 45 minute or 1 hour class will challenge and strengthen your whole body. The instructor uses dumbbells, tubing, calisthenics and stability balls for resistance to work all you muscle groups. The class is done to upbeat, fast-paced music that will leave you energized for the rest of your day.


Cardio Blast: This 45-minute class uses a combination of step, floor, and kick-boxing routines for a 30-minute cardiovascular workout followed by muscle conditioning exercises, a cool-down, and stretching.


Cardio Core & More: This is an UPBEAT workout that includes step/cardio, floor routines and core work!  Routines can include use of the stability ball, bosu ball and free weights and sometimes even a bit of yoga stretches! All levels of fitness from beginners to advanced are welcome and encouraged to attend!  You can go at your own pace, but will also be challenged!


Cardio Kick: This 45 minute workout uses a mixture of cardiovascular routines mixed with kick-boxing moves followed by strengthening and stretching exercises to leave you energized for the rest of your day.


Core Blast: This 45 minute class focuses on strengthening the core muscles utilizing your own body weight, bands, stability balls, and bosu trainers. This class will be challenging for the novice athlete yet can be modified to challeng the well-conditioned athlete.


Group Cycling: Looking to torch calories? Look no further than this intense, cardiovascular workout. Our motivating instructors guide you through a structured ride to improve your fitness level, up your metabolism, and sharpen your mind-body connection. All students should arrive at least five minutes early to correctly set up their bike. Please bring water. All levels are welcome.


Sunrise Yoga: Rise with the sun in this invigorating hour designed to expand your practice by breaking down your movement anatomically and experimenting with your range of motion. This non-flow yoga class is appropriate for all levels; you have nothing to lose but your stress. Mats and equipment provided.


Pilates: This 50 minute mind-body class is designed to challenge and strengthen your total body focusing on your core muscles while improving your flexibility and leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Power Flow Yoga: Flow freely and let it go! This is your hour of power and play. Every class is a different yoga flow designed around a particular anatomical focus. This energetic practice focuses on developing strength and stability, awareness, and most of all, your peace of mind. Expect a challenging practice, but all levels of participants are welcome. Mats and equipment provided.


Total Body Blast: A quick paced, effective, and perfect for all fitness levels workout class that changes often and uses many types of equipment to work your total body but most importantly; Its FUN!


TRX Circuit: To rev your metabolism, research demonstrates you need to systematically combine strength training and cardio. This intense workout uses the revolutionary movements of the TRX®suspension trainer with high-intensity interval training for a full-body, metabolism-focused, totally epic hour. All levels are welcome, but this class may not be suitable for de-conditioned participants. Class space is limited so please arrive early.


U-Jam: This 60 minute high energy cardiovascular workout is done to upbeat music where you will learn the latest dance moves, have fun and forget you are exercising.


Yoga Core: This one hour yoga class flows continuously with great emphasis on linking together every movement to the breath. Core yoga builds strength, stamina, flexibility and tones the body.


Yoga Flow: This yoga class is an all levels, vinyasa-styled practice with a focus on alignment.  I invite people to be curious and have some fun while taking a break from the daily-grind to create some nurturing, energizing space for yourself.


Zumba: An aerobic and muscle toning workout that mixes high-energy, Latin-rhythm music and unparalleled moves that make you forget you are even exercising. This fun workout does not require dance experience.

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