American International Relations Club (AIRC)

AIRC (American International Relations Club) serves as a platform for "UNITY in DIVERSITY" amongst American and international students at the University of Louisville.

The primary objective is to bring together students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds who share the common thread of humanity. The AIRC provides a base for awareness and appreciation of world cultures. Any student or faculty member of the University of Louisville and the Metroversity or their immediate family, as well as those interested in multiculturalism, may join the club. Membership is free.  Simply complete an application on OrgSync. Instructions are below:

American International Relations Club (AIRC) Membership Form

How to Register Online:


  • Click on Log in


  • Choose University  of Louisville as your community


  • Try to log in first with your university email and password. If it doesn’t automatically allow you in, then you have to register for a new account by clicking the “Register Now” button


  • Follow the instructions and fill out the text boxes as required with your personal info


  • Always use your university email address when asked, since orgsync requires that for networking purposes. Other email accounts will not be accepted.


  • Once your account is set and ready log in into your profile, click on the Organizations tab at the top of the page and click on “Add Organization”


  • Search for AIRC and ask to join


  • Please provide a small paragraph about the reason/interest of joining


  • The current president of the club will review and approve your joining request as soon as possible


  • Stay alerted for messages concerning upcoming events