Academic Information


The academic year at the University of Louisville is divided into two main terms called semesters. The fall semester begins in late August and ends in December. The spring semester begins in mid January and ends at the beginning of May.

In addition, UofL offers three summer terms. The first, a four-week session, begins in the second week of May; the second extends from early June to early July, with an optional 10-week term that last until early August, and the third term begins in early July and ends in early August. International students are not required to attend summer school to stay legally in the United States.

During the application process, students choose a "major," which will be their main field in which to specialize. Whether at the undergraduate or graduate level, each "major" has particular requirements and usually some choices. Click for a complete list of undergraduate and graduate majors.

In addition to choosing a major, students who qualify may also decide to participate in the UofL's Honors Program. With smaller classes that are more focused on reading, writing, and discussion, students benefit from greater academic rigor alongside more personalized support.