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Online Course Evaluations:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the university change to an online course evaluation system?

    • Online course evaluations allow students the opportunity to provide thoughtful feedback regarding their experiences in the classroom while ensuring their comments remain confidential.
    • Students have the option to "save and continue".  This allows students to edit their responses before final submission.
    • Faculty members receive feedback from their students within a week to ten days following the end of the course.
    • UofL will realize an annual savings of over $100,000 by using the online course evaluation system over the current methods of evaluation.
    • Online course evaluations support UofL's environmentally friendly (i.e. "green") initiative.

When will the transition to online course evaluations be complete?

    • UofL has already transitioned to the online course evaluation method.  In addition, starting Fall 2011 students can access their online evaluations via Blackboard and through mobile devices(including iPads).  Feedback from both students and faculty has been  extremely positive.  With the support of the Student Government Association (SGA), students, and faculty, we can work together to make positive changes in the level of teaching at our university.

What actions will be taken to ensure adequate response rates?

    • The Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) is working with the Office of Communications and Marketing to develop a marketing campaign which promotes student participation in online course evaluations.  Moreover, the campaign will focus on the NEW ways technology is being used to make filling out course evaluations even more convenient.


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