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Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Where do I go to complete my evaluations?

    • Click on the link sent in the electronic invitation to your UofL email address; OR
    • Log directly into the portal at: (screen shot below); OR

                            Be Proud Log On

      • Access the ‘My Course Evaluations’ block under the ‘My UofL’ tab in Blackboard (screen shot below).

                           Blackboard Screen

Does it really matter if I complete these evaluations? YES.

      • Your feedback is vital to the success of UofL.  Results of evaluations are used by faculty to make changes in both the content and delivery of the course.  University administrators use the evaluation results to make personnel decisions (e.g., as part of the annual performance appraisal and faculty promotion/tenure process).  The university is required by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), UofL’s accrediting body, to administer course evaluations as an indirect assessment of student learning.  Every student is given the opportunity to provide feedback for every course enrolled.

Will my instructor know if I completed the evaluation? NO.

      • Faculty members do not have access to the course evaluation system at any time.  The evaluations are administered centrally through the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IRP).  IRP is a direct reporting unit to the Provost Office and is not affiliated with any academic unit and/or faculty.  Instructors are only able to view response rates for their courses while evaluations are open (screen shot below).

                          Response rate

Are my responses confidential? YES.

      • Faculty are provided summary reports only after grades have been submitted.  Summary reports DO NOT include any identifying student information.  Written comments are provided as submitted.

If the instructor does not know if I complete my evaluation, how am I able to receive reminders?

      • The course evaluation software automatically sends reminders to non-responders on a pre-defined schedule.  These reminders are ‘personalized’ using student names which are populated automatically by the referencing the class list within PeopleSoft (UofL’s information management system).  At no time do faculty have access to the online course evaluation system.

I am in a course with more than one instructor.  Do I have to complete an entire evaluation form for every instructor? NO.

      • The evaluation forms have course-specific questions and instructor-specific questions.  Students answer the course-specific questions once.  Students receive the instructor-specific question for each instructor (instructor names will be included in the question).

I completed my evaluations.  Why am I still receiving reminders?

      • Reminders are sent to students with any incomplete evaluations.  Please log into the dashboard and confirm that you have submitted all of your evaluations.  You will continue to receive reminders until all of your evaluations have been submitted.  A sure way to avoid email reminders is to complete your course evaluations.

I do not see an evaluation for one of my courses, what should I do?

      • Course evaluations are released at different times.  Please check Blackboard or log in to the portal (see screen shot at the beginning of the FAQ) as evaluations will appear as they are released.  Please contact the Office of Institutional Research and Planning ( if you have any questions about the invitation(s) you have received

I am receiving email notices to complete evaluations for courses which are not in my major, why?

      • You will receive one email invitation for every academic unit in which you are enrolled in courses.  For example, if your major is in the College of Business, yet you are enrolled in courses in both the College of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences, you will receive 2 email invitations (i.e., one from the College of Business and one from the College of Arts and Sciences).

Are all of the course evaluations released at the same time? NO.

      • Each academic unit determines the dates that the evaluations open and close.

I receive an error that my credentials are invalid when I attempt to log into the dashboard. What do I do?

      • Students must use their ULink username and password to access the course evaluations.  Make sure you are entering your username and password correctly.  If you continue to receive a message that your credentials are invalid, please contact  Staff in the Office of Institutional Research and Planning staff are available to work with IT to ensure your account is not locked.

When I try to access my evaluations, I receive an error indicating the ‘tasks are not accessible’ (screen shot below).  What’s wrong?

               Task List

      • This screen is displayed after clicking a link to an evaluation which is no longer available for completion.  The evaluation may have already been completed by the student or the evaluation may already be closed.  Students receiving this error should contact the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (irsurvey@louisville.edufor assistance.

What is the incentive for completing my evaluations prior to or on “Evaluation Day”?

      • For each evaluation submitted prior to or on “Evaluation Day”, the student will be entered into a drawing to win a $250 credit towards textbooks for the fall 2013 semester.

How many drawings for the $250 textbook credit will be held?

      • A total of twenty winners will be selected through April 24.

When and how will the winners of the $250 textbook credit be announced?

      • Winners will be selected periodically throughout the day on both Monday, April 15 and Tuesday, April 16, and again on April 24.  All winners will be announced on UofL’s Facebook page and Twitter account

I am graduating this semester and will not be buying textbooks next semester.  Is there a different prize available if I am selected in the random drawing?

  • Graduating seniors will be awarded a comparable prize.  Contact the Office of Institutional Research and Planning ( for more information.


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