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Frequently Asked Questions for UL Faculty

How can I find out the questions students are being asked?

      • The forms previously used by your department have been replicated using the online software.  The students simply receive an electronic copy of your department's form.  No additional questions have been added to the form.

What should I tell my students about the online course evaluation system?

    • The most important way to ensure a good response rate and receive thoughtful feedback from students is to communicate the importance of course evaluations to the success of our academic programs.  Faculty can stress the various ways of accessing evaluations (Blackboard, Email link, and Mobile Devices).  Please encourage your students to complete their online evaluations.

What are the benefits to transitioning to an online course evaluation system?

    • Students have more time to complete thoughtful responses and provide meaningful comments.
    • Faculty no longer need to take class time to allow students an opportunity to complete their evaluations.
    • Faculty receive summary reports, including student comments, much more quickly.  Reports can be distributed within a few days of grades being submitted.

Does the online course evaluation system allow faculty to ask additional questions?

    • Yes; the online course evaluation module (i.e. "Blue Evaluation") has the functionality which allows faculty to add personalized questions.  Results of these questions will be included in the summary report prepared for the course.

Will I be able to monitor response rates while the course evaluation is open for students?

    • Yes; the faculty of record for each course will receive a link which will allow them to log into the Blue portal and view the number of invited and number of responses for each course.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Faculty will not be able to identify the status of any students or whether they completed the evaluation. Faculty can now self-manage their response rates.

How will I know the summary reports for my courses are complete?

    • Faculty will receive an email indicating the reports are ready to be viewed.
    • Faculty can also view reports by logging into using your ULink userid and password.

How do I save a copy of my course evaluation results?

    • Reports can be saved either as an HTML file or as a PDF.  Reports may also be printed directly from the web interface.

Who will have access to the results of my course evaluations?

    • The reporting hierarchy, as defined by your dean, in Blue Evaluation has been configured to reflect the current reporting structure within your academic unit.
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