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Saeed A. Jortani, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Jortani Pciture Email Saeed Jortani
Phone Number: (502) 852-8835 (Office)
Fax Number: (502) 852-1177
Address: Department of Pathology
School of Medicine
511 S. Floyd St., Rm. 217
University of Louisville   
Louisville, KY 40292   
Ph. D. 1993, Medical College of Virginia


Additional Appointments:

  • Director, Forensic Toxicology Program, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine
  • Associate Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine
  • Associate Director, Diagnostic Reference Laboratory, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, School of Medicine
  • Assistant Director of Toxicology and Clinical Chemistry, University of Louisville Hospital
  • Director, Technology Development.  Pharmacogenetic Diagnostic Laboratories (PGXL).  Louisville, KY


Research Interests:

Dr. Jortani is a faculty in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at University o Louisville School of Medicine.  His training and experience is in the areas of toxicology, clinical chemistry, proteomics and pharmacogenentics.  He is a board certified clinical chemist and a practicing toxicologist.  His research interests are proteomics, detection and measurement of drugs, therapeutics and poisons, and use of pharmacogenetics in pain management and for postmortem investigations.  He serves on several national organizations in the area of laboratory medicine such as the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC).  He is the chair of the Clinical Proteomics Division of the AACC.  He is also on editorial boards for Clinica Chemica Acta and Clinical Proteomics.



William Tucker, Laboratory Technician


Selected Publications:

Book Chapters:
  1. Jortani SA.  Theophylline.  Methods of Analysis.  Kaplan LA, Pesce AJ, eds.  Evolve Resources for Clinical Chemistry: Theory, Analysis, Correlation, 5th ed.  St. Louis, Mosby, 2010.
  2. Womack EP, Valdes Jr. R, Jortani SA.   Liquid chromatography combined with Immunoassay as a reference method for analysis of digitalis.  In "Recent advances in chromatographic techniques for therapeutic drug monitoring (Dasgupta A, editor) CRC Press. 2009.
  3. Snow A, Gozal D, Valdes Jr. R, Jortani SA. Urinary proteins for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.  In:  Urinary Proteomics – AACC Press. Rai A, Ed.  2008 – In Press


Journal Articles:
  1. Steele PS,  Franke DDH,  Linder MW,  Valdes Jr. R, Jortani SA.  Proteomic Study of Hepatic Nuclear Extracts in an Adaptive Acetaminophen Tolerance Model.  Clin Proteomics, 2009 (In Press).
  2. El-Mallakh RS, Stoddard M, Jortani SA, El-Masri MA, Sephton S, Valdes Jr. R.  Aberrant regulation of endogenous ouabain-like factor in bipolar subjects.  Psychiatry Research 2009 (In Press)
  3. Franke DDH, Davis EG, Woods DR, Johnson RK, Miller FB, Franklin GA3, Jortani SA.  Catastrophic Gastrointestinal Injury Due to Battery Acid Ingestion. Journal of Emergency Medicine. 2009.  Corrected proof On-line Pre-published Dec. 2008
  4. Ingram DM, Bosse GM, Womack Jr EP, Jortani SA.  Evaluation of a urine screen for acetaminophen.  Journal of Medical Toxicology 2008;4:96-100.
  5. Miles TP, Hanson S, Kidd L, Connor A, Jortani SA.  Sensitivity Analysis of Self-Identified Race and Ethnicity (SIRE):  Screening for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. Nature Preceding.  2008;
  6. Pugia MJ, Valdes R Jr, Jortani SA.  Bikunin (Urinary Trypsin Inhibitors):  Structure, Biological Relevance and Measurement.  Advances in Clinical Chemistry. 2007;44:223-45.
  7. Mukhopadhyay S, Jortani SA, Valdes Jr R, Simmons CQ, Sullivan ED, Miller RD, Summersgill JD. Protein Expression of Analysis Chlamydia pneumoniae Persistence by Combined SELDI TOF-MS and 2D PAGE.  Clinical Proteomics 2007; 2(3-4), 205-216.
  8. Armbruster DA, Dasgupta A., Earley RJ, Jortani SA, Markus W, Rheinheimer DW.  Toxicology and Drug Testing in the Clinical Laboratory; Approved Guidelines – Second Edition.  Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute 2007;27 (15):C52-A2.
  9. Franke DDH,  Jortani SA.  Importance of using gas chromatography for diagnosis of patients poisoned with multiple alcohols.  Clinica Chemica Acta 2007;380(1-2):241-2.
  10. Thomas A., Tourassi GD, Elmaghraby AS, Valdes Jr R, Jortani SA. Data Mining In Proteomic Mass Spectrometry.  Clin Proteomics 2007;2:13-22.
  11. Zhu Y, Valdes R Jr, Simmons CQ, Linder MW, Pugia MJ, Jortani SA.  Analysis of ligand binding by bioaffinity mass spectrometry. Clinica Chemica Acta 2006:371(1-2):71-8.
  12. Pugia MJ, Jortani SA, Basu M, Sommer R, Kuo HH, Murphy S, Williamson D, Vranish J, Boyle PJ, Budzinski D, Valdes R Jr, Basu SC.  Immunological evaluation of urinary trypsin inhibitors in blood and urine: Role of N- & O-linked glycoproteins. Glycoconj J. 2007;24:5-15.
  13. Hortin GL, Jortani SA, Ritchie Jr. JC, Valdes Jr. RV, Chan DW. Proteomics: A New Diagnostic Frontier. Clin Chem 2006; 52: 7.
  14. Shah ZA, Jortani SA, Tauman R, Valdes R Jr, Gozal D. Serum proteomic patterns associated with sleep-disordered breathing in children. Pediatr Res. 2006 Mar;59(3):466-70).
  15. Zhu Y, Valdes R Jr, Jortani SA.  Application of bioaffinity mass spectrometry for analysis of ligands. Ther Drug Monitor 2005:27(6):694-699.
  16. Jortani SA. Toxicogenomics: Principles and Applications. Hisham K. Hamadeh and Cynthia A. Afshari. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 361 pp., $64.95, hardcover. ISBN 0-417-43417-5. Clin Chem 2005;51:1568.
  17. Chaturvedi K, Jortani SA.  Consequences of adverse drug events/reactions in health care.  Louisville Medicine 2004;51:473-478.
  18. Pugia  MJ, Sommer R, Corey P, Anderson L, Gleason S, Jortani SA, Elin RJ, Gopual DL, Valdes Jr.R, Lott JA.  The uristatin dipstick is useful in distinguishing upper respiratory from urinary tract infections.  Clinica Chemica Acta.  2004;341:73-81
  19. Jortani SA, Pugia MJ, Elin RJ, Thomas M, Womack EP, Cast T, Valdes R Jr.  Sensitive Noninvasive Marker for the Diagnosis of Probable Bacterial or Viral Infection.  Journal of Clinical lab Analysis 2004;18:289-295.
  20. Jortani SA, Pradbu S, Valdes R Jr.  Development of biomarkers in congestive heart failure.  Clinical Chemistry.  (Invited Review) 2004; 50; 265-278.
  21. Elbeik T, Surtihadi J, Destree M,  Gorlin J, Holodniy M, Jortani SA, Kuramoto K, Ng V, Valdes Jr R, Valsamakis A, Terrault N.  Multicenter Evaluation of the Performance Characteristics of the Bayer VERSANT HCV RNA 3.0 Assay (bDNA), Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2004:42; 563-569.
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  30. Jortani SA.  Alcohol testing near the patient.  Advance Laboratory, 2001;10:10 –11.


Selected Abstracts:

  1. Barnes SL, Womack EP, Bon Homme M, Tucker WW, Valdes Jr R, Jortani SA.  Plasma Concentrations of Adiponectin Hormone in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. Clin Chem 2009;55:A191.
  2. Bon Homme M, Malek SJ, Jortani SA. Convergence of Lateral Flow, ELISA and Western-Blot Techniques in Detection of Soluble Peanut Proteins.  Clin Chem 2009;55:A266.
  3. Tucker WW, Parker J, Womack EP, Holland B, Bishop J, Gamboa A, Chanchico R, Bosse GM, Jortani SA.  An Alternative Approach for Detection of Acetylsalicylic Acid Ingestion.  Clin Chem 2009;55:A265.


Patents & Licenses:

Filed Patents:

Method for diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea

C/M code:  UN024/OUN27

ULRF No.  0449

U.S. Patent Application Serial No.  11/199,355


Disclosed Patents:
  • Urocortin III as a novel biomarker for heart failure
  • Urocortins for diagnosis of sleep apnea
  • Opioid Toxicity and Efficacy Computation (OpTEC)
  • A novel Biomarker for Pre-term Labor


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